10 Most Embarrassing UFC Weigh-In Moments

UFC today, we have 10 most embarrassing UFC weigh-in moments caught on camera! These awkward UFC weigh-in moments weren't supposed to happen, but they were caught on camera and we found them! Make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more MMA content!
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    Jonneia TurnerJonneia TurnerPred mesiacom
  • Conor looked fine on fight nights at 145... Khabib looks terrible at 155 weigh in

    Thomas MonaghanThomas MonaghanPred mesiacom
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  • 0:24 How embarassing that you showed this clip and cut it off 1 second before it is revealed that both fighters were joking there.

    Chris DevineChris DevinePred mesiacom
  • What should be embarrassing is saying Travis Lutter is "one of if not the ONLY" person to lose title contention due to missed weight, RIGHT AFTER talking about the weight cut that Yoel missed to forfeit title contention in his Bobby Knuckles rematch.

    Das Movie ShowDas Movie ShowPred mesiacom
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  • The Max Holloway and Connor McGregor weigh-ins are horrifying. They look like dead people.

    Phalanges on BassPhalanges on BassPred mesiacom
  • If Yoel was 185.2 then why didn't he just weigh in naked?? He would have lost .2 for sure if he took off his shorts and socks

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  • The same thing in #2 happened to Yoel....

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