8 EXPENSIVE Tequila Shots with @Salomondrin

TODAY'S TEQUILA TALK is with the new friend Alejandro (aka @Salomondrin). We drank some good tequila and I got to ask him some awesome questions about how he came up and his business ventures.
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Todd "TJ" Johnson has both founded and partnered to build companies in the industries of information technology, commercial construction, retail, hospitality, publishing and information marketing, leading these companies through startup, turnaround and growth modes. He's also an active real estate investor with properties all over the world.
🎥 Filmed and Edited by Ricky aka OneClickRick
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  • My brotha, please learn how to pronounce Codigo in spanish correctly. Helps you sound more educated and respectful of the liquor.

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  • Amazing , NEW SUB 🔥 Magnífico video con salomundo 🤯🤯

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    • Hey! Gracias a ti Alberto.

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  • Wow, Me Encantó este video, Realmente fue espectacular, Que Humildad, Son Un Gran Ejemplo a seguir 🥺🤩 Saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴

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  • I've been following Holly andro for 2 years known about TJ for 5 started following TJ 6 months ago and look at it now they're both in real estate together I love it tells me that I need to be in to the same real estate and businesses that they are that commercial game Big Ups salute a tequila is good for blood pressure and cholesterol the guava plant drink all day

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  • TJ l'm a big tequila lover. I know alot about how it is made & processed. The time it takes the liquid to rest in the 'barricas' Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo, Cristalino, Joven. But you want to know the best part l don't even drink. I gotta tell you l really enjoyed watching this video, l've watched it several times because l enjoy to see how friendly and what a wonderful host you are. Hope to see a new & improved video about more tequilas that you have and have your visitor just be blown away!

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  • Actually a Solo sub, But did love the video so far, You have and amazing energy TJ

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  • The cars are dope, but the gems from other entrepreneurs is the real value. At least to me.

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  • Hi TJ, Thanks for that interview to Alejandro, I´m an Salomondrin fan. I could see te real advices to convert yourself in a success person. Now I´m a new subscriber on your channel.

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    • Hey Augusto! Muchas gracias, en verdad aprecio mucho el apoyo hermano.

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