Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Billie Eilish

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Therefore I Am. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records




  • FERNANDO hola Billie ellish

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    • Oye Billie ellish está haciendo nada

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  • Billie eilish I love words music

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  • LYRICS : I'm not your friend or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am I'm not your friend or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am Stop, what the hell are you talking about? Ha Get my pretty name outta your mouth We are not the same with or without Don't talk 'bout me like how you might know how I feel Top of the world, but your world isn't real Your world's an ideal So go have fun I really couldn't care less And you can give 'em my best, but just know I'm not your friend or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am I'm not your friend or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am I don't want press to put your name next to mine We're on different lines, so I Wanna be nice enough, they don't call my bluff 'Cause I hate to find Articles, articles, articles Rather you remain unremarkable Got a lotta interviews, interviews, interviews When they say your name, I just act confused Did you have fun? I really couldn't care less And you can give 'em my best, but just know I'm not your friend or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am I'm not your friend or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am I'm sorry I don't think I caught your name I'm sorry I don't think I caught your name I'm not your friend or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am I'm not your friend or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am

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  • Me worrying about her not washing her hands and just grabbing things to eat

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  • You are the bad guy

    Makinley NicoleMakinley NicolePred 3 hodinami
  • Wow, I'm not your friend ether, which is why I don't feel bad saying the truth. You have gotten quit chunky as of late. I'm almost 68, old and chunky too, But I still find you quirky and refreshing. and not in a weird way. I just love the way, You are you.........

    Bryan BSABryan BSAPred 3 hodinami
  • I guess I'm not the only one falling in love with your style

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  • 2020 ✓ 2021 ✓ 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030

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  • Qm aq e do Brasil ouvindo música da perfeita aq

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  • Question: Did She Buy The Whole Mall-

    ༻̷T̷h̷e̷A̷r̷t̷i̷c̷G̷a̷m̷e̷r̷༺̷༻̷T̷h̷e̷A̷r̷t̷i̷c̷G̷a̷m̷e̷r̷༺̷Pred 4 hodinami
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  • I'm not friend 🥵🦋🤙🏻.

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  • Why is the entire mall is empty 😂😂😂

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  • This sound could honestly be a Thomas and friends trap remix.

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  • did they really buy out a mall for this

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  • I hope to see me, I love you from Iraq❤️❤️❤️

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  • she really went there for the food

    blue wolfblue wolfPred 5 hodinami
  • I need to go to that mall ( necesito ir a ese centro comercial)

    Alexa HernándezAlexa HernándezPred 5 hodinami
  • يعععععص

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  • is the cameraman on a hoverboard or something cause that smoooooooooooooooooth

    Nada BendannounNada BendannounPred 6 hodinami
  • You know I love foo fighters and I heard Dave Grohl say she’s the next nirvana and he’s right I can see Kurt Cobain and her she gives off the same vibes to me i usually listen to older music but billie is the only newer artist I listen to

    Jack WJack WPred 6 hodinami
  • I feel truth about and within, one hard to find these days

    tebs lemutebs lemuPred 6 hodinami
  • Which is better? Her voice or her looks? Both are amazing 😣❤

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  • What of the police saw This

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  • Minha prima fala que não gosta da Billy e usa essa música pra fazer tik tok ;-; ;)

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  • This sucks, she’s just whispering the whole time! WTF!!! That’s why I’m sticking with rap not radio shit

    Grub DogGrub DogPred 7 hodinami
  • Me : i promise i will never stan billie shes so mainstream Also me:

    Lydia P.Lydia P.Pred 7 hodinami
  • I like to imagine how this music video played out. Billie's legal team: "Hey, could we rent out your entire mall for a couple hours so a crackhead teenager can run around and steal food out of vendor's stands while mumble-singing? Oh, and she's gonna have a cameraman chasing her the entire time filming." Mall executive: "I'm sorry?"

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  • 😏 cool

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  • This music video is just billie eilish dancing around with a pretzel in an abandoned mall... of course it got 159, 301, 579 views

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  • This is my fav song 🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🫐🫐🫐🫐🫐🫐🤯🤯

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  • كبر

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  • billie: naturally grabs pretzel and never eats it”

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  • WOW...SO LIKEE 💚

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  • Hello

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  • the fact this was recorded on an iphone the quality looking too good to be true-

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Just eat the effing pretzel, damn.

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  • I Love you my Asmaa

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  • hello

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  • I got a Billie commercial before this started hdbd

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  • I love you bilie eliş

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  • Billie: im not your friend or anything dang

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  • Love you Billie eilish

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  • Sei fantastica

    Rachele OliveriRachele OliveriPred 11 hodinami
  • Don’t really like it it’s kinda bad

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  • Love u Billie Eilish

    Tanya GaifTanya GaifPred 11 hodinami
  • Aqui los que hablamos español y amamos a billie

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  • Billie eilish xx ❤❤❤❤

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  • Wow I love you bille

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  • I love the song

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  • Me: hey! Can I use your phone to talk to my mom? My friend: No! I’m busy Still me: I’M NOT YOUR FRIEND

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  • Her music is trash

    iron rexiron rexPred 13 hodinami
    • I-

      Toga HimikoToga HimikoPred 12 hodinami
  • Billie eilish love you

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  • i love you

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  • Ciao le tue canzoni sono bellissime

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  • Pov: ur child went to the mall

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  • Ok.... Maybe next time

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  • I love this music 🥰

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  • მინდა რომ გაგჟიმო

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  • amazing

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  • is nobody gonna talk about how her feet is on beat on the entrance of the music

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  • I really enjoyed the song ey😍😍

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  • 😍😍😍🥰🥰💕

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  • is she really alone in the all it's like a v.i.p

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  • Cogito ergo sum

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  • Trash music 🥱

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  • I love you Billie eilish

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  • I'm vietnames i very like you your song very good

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