Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin - RITMO (Bad Boys For Life) (Official Music Video)

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This is the rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm
This is the rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm
This is the rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm of the night
Toda la noche rompemo' (The night)
Al otro día volvemo' (Oh, yeah)
Tú sabes como lo hacemo', baby
(This is the rhythm of the night)
Baby, tonight's like fuego (The night)
We 'bout to spend the dinero (Oh, yeah)
We party to the extremo, baby
(This is the rhythm of the night)
Toda la noche rompemo' (The night)
Al otro día volvemo' (Oh, yeah)
Tú sabes como lo hacemo', baby
(This is the rhythm of the night)
Baby, tonight's like fuego (The night)
We 'bout to spend the dinero (Oh, yeah)
We party to the extremo, extremo, extremo, extremo, extremo
No son ni Reebok ni son Nike (No)
Sin estilista luzco fly (Yes)
La Rosalía me dice que luzco guay (La Rosalía)
No te lo niego porque yo sé lo que hay (Woo)
Lo que se ve, no se pregunta (Nah)
Soy próspero y tengo claro que e' mi culpa (Mi culpa, culpa)
Como Canelo en el ring nada me asusta
Vivo en mi base y la paz no me la tumban (Woo)
Hakuna Matata como Timón y Pumba
Voy pa' leyenda así que dale zumba
Los dejo ciego' con la vibra que me alumbra
Haters pa' la tumba, nosotros pa' la rumba (Ra)
This is the rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm of the night
[Chorus: J Balvin, Corona,]
Toda la noche rompemo' (The night)
Al otro día volvemo' (Oh, yeah)
Tú sabes como lo hacemo', baby
(This is the rhythm of the night)
Baby, tonight's like fuego (The night)
We 'bout to spend the dinero (Oh, yeah)
We party to the extremo, baby
(This is the rhythm of the night)
Toda la noche rompemo' (The night)
Al otro día volvemo' (Oh, yeah)
Tú sabes como lo hacemo', baby
(This is the rhythm of the night)
Baby, tonight's like fuego (The night)
We 'bout to spend the dinero (Oh, yeah)
We party to the extremo, extremo, extremo, extremo, extremo
The rhythm, the rebel
Styles upon styles upon styles, I got several
Born to be wild 'cause I live like a daredevil
Live it up, hit ‘em up, that’s the scenario
2Pac, I get around like a merry go
Rooftop, I am on top of the pedestal
Flu shot, I am so sick I need medical
Puta, I learned that shit down in Mexico (Hahaha!)
The rhythm, the rebel
New and improved I be on a new level (Oh, yeah)
That’s how we do it, we buildin’ like LEGOs (Oh, yeah)
Fuel on the fire, you dealin' with fuego
Can't stop, I am addicted I never quit
Won't stop, don't need to speak to no therapist
Don’t stop, keepin' it movin's the narrative
Nonstop, do it like Whoop! There it is
This is the rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm of the night
Toda la noche rompemo' (The night)
Al otro día volvemo' (Oh, yeah)
Tú sabes como lo hacemo', baby
(This is the rhythm of the night)
Baby, tonight's like fuego (The night)
We 'bout to spend the dinero (Oh, yeah)
We party to the extremo, baby
(This is the rhythm of the night)
Toda la noche rompemo' (The night)
Al otro día volvemo' (Oh, yeah)
Tú sabes como lo hacemo', baby
(This is the rhythm of the night)
Baby, tonight's like fuego (The night)
We 'bout to spend the dinero (Oh, yeah)
We party to the extremo, extremo, extremo, extremo, extremo
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