Chamath Palihapitiya Keynote - Hack the North 2018 - University of Waterloo Engineering

Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO of Social Capital/Waterloo Engineering alumnus, made the keynote presentation at Hack the North 2018 held at the University of Waterloo.
In conversation with Dhananja Jayalath (DJ), Co-founder of Athos, Chamath is open and candid, sharing his thoughts on his time at Waterloo Engineering, entrepreneurship, finding passion and purpose, and his experiences living and working in the Valley.

Please note: The views and opinions expressed in this video and in the comments on this channel are those of the speakers or authors and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions held by Waterloo Engineering.
Recorded: September 14, 2018
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  • Here's a suggestion...find a better interviewer. It's painful listening/watching to him trying to force a conversation.

    Anthony KAnthony KPred 25 dňami
  • The interviewer is an idiot - he tried so hard to make the interview about himself. Who checks their phone when they’re interviewing someone?!

    tube3365tube3365Pred 26 dňami
  • Just me or does Chamath's calves make me think this guy has skipped leg day, every day.

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  • Interviewer is annoying and distracting.

    Ishu NoalIshu NoalPred mesiacom
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  • chamath is cool

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  • worst interviewer I had ever seen!! simply non fit

    Audio D&DAudio D&DPred mesiacom
  • that intervwer man , holy fuck

    Ahmed AljunaibiAhmed AljunaibiPred mesiacom
  • God damn that fugly laugh. Please edit that shit before someone gets angry and decides to do something about it.

    anupanupPred mesiacom
  • Watch Chamath dab for two minutes - 1:02:23

    Xavier MichaelXavier MichaelPred mesiacom
  • That interviewer was not being very cash money.. and for that reason, I'm out.

  • 22:00 “teamwork is for losers” - founder of maxim magazine (died a billionaire)

    Shao KhanShao KhanPred mesiacom
  • 18:00 to do what he says: learn to meditate and become aware of mental habits and pay attention to feedback. Keep being aware and over time you can slowly chip away at those patterns!

    Shao KhanShao KhanPred mesiacom
  • Thanks!!!!!

    Samuel Flores SanchezSamuel Flores SanchezPred mesiacom
  • An excellent speech!!! feel free to curse

    Pavel DrutoPavel DrutoPred mesiacom
  • 59:00

    Sachin BhasinSachin BhasinPred mesiacom
  • People need to learn to shut up and get out of the way, let more intelligent people speak

    blehhmehgblehhmehgPred mesiacom
  • This interview is good as gold.

    MichaelMichaelPred mesiacom
  • I did not know this guy was that tall

    Joshua Eric DavisJoshua Eric DavisPred mesiacom
  • Enjoyed this interview - although the interviewer is clearly very very young and the immaturity comes through every once in a while.

    ribz747ribz747Pred mesiacom
  • I need to find out who Chamath's tailor is

    nickolascrimnickolascrimPred mesiacom
    • Will never be a problem for me, I’m too fat and sticky to fit his style

      Nicholas CummingsNicholas CummingsPred mesiacom
  • The interviewer is actually really really good. Great questions, doesn't interrupt, great followups.

    Abul B.Abul B.Pred mesiacom
  • Great messages from Chamath....unapologetically truthful...great last answer. BUT....who is this interviewer?! at 1:01:40....dude is checking his phone and Chamath is looking at him and his eyes are like "what the fuc* you doin', man?". Horrible laugh...don't bring him on again.

    PipingPipingPred mesiacom
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    • Hukanawa

      Danushka다누스카Danushka다누스카Pred 7 dňami
  • A great thinker and investor interviewed by an obnoxious and clueless interviewer. I had to tune out the interviewer so much just to absorb the wisdom Chamath shared.

    BPBPPred 2 mesiacmi
  • i love Chamath but i couldn't watch this interview due to the idiot interviewing him.

    Quan HuynhQuan HuynhPred 2 mesiacmi
  • People are such assholes. Leave the interviewer alone. Man everybody got to chime in. There's plenty of talks with chamath. Go find another one ya fans.

    Mr. guyMr. guyPred 3 mesiacmi
  • The laugh from this moderator is just..I don't know..Don't..

    Jay HuangJay HuangPred 3 mesiacmi
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  • I am happy for those of you in the US & Canada as he is an invaluable asset to your countries! Even though Chamath was born in sri lanka,we have not become lucky enough to have him here!

    nalaka samarasinghenalaka samarasinghePred 4 mesiacmi
    • Move to Canada

      Shao KhanShao KhanPred mesiacom
  • Came here to listen to my favorite modern day visionary and forced to endure the worst modern day interviewer. Chamath was still worth it.

    Jon SamuelJon SamuelPred 4 mesiacmi
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  • 27:40

    Yash ShankarYash ShankarPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Shut d ***** up interviewer 😡

    Flipside 7Flipside 7Pred 4 mesiacmi
  • dislike for interviewer

    Ashay DikshitAshay DikshitPred 4 mesiacmi
  • هذا يشبه شاب هكر قناه زينب صباح 😭

    كبرياء انثىكبرياء انثىPred 4 mesiacmi
    • هو نفسة

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  • I urge you, Waterloo. Never put that interviewer on the stand again. This interview could have been so much better without him.

    LuluDemonLuluDemonPred 5 mesiacmi
    • he is ok. he was mostly quiet, luckily. he seems to think like a kid, and i am not really into kid mentalities. so, i would prefer a more advanced mentality to present Chamath.

      Rowan WoodRowan WoodPred 9 dňami
    • @Jasraj Singh he was probably looking at his notes for the interview not who’s texting him lol

      Tylor MacLeodTylor MacLeodPred 27 dňami
    • So many unnecessary interruptions too

      Prashant JoshiPrashant JoshiPred mesiacom
    • Absolutely agree. I saw another clip of barely 1.55', and the interviewer looked at his phone twice. FFS, the guest you invited is speaking, taking the time from his life, and he can't even put his phone away for a bit? Utterly disappointed, and sorry for the guest.

      Jasraj SinghJasraj SinghPred mesiacom
  • who ever talked about the Interviewer probably dint get the message. Few of the things i learnt here.... 1. Be open about learning from ( better ) ppl better. 2. The process of learning is worth all the risk. 3. There is work you can do on yourself to put yourself in a position to be excellent. 4. This work is Thankless. No one will see this but it is what makes you powerful. 5.You feel outta balance coz something that you value in life is outta wack. ( understand what u value ) 7. When your'e outta balance, you feel inferior, you indulge in negative self talk, self doubt, you project this outwards onto your'e world view and everything around you. 8. When your'e outta balance, you feel stress, and stiffness in your body etc.. ...... 9. Find your triggers and slow it down and get to work. you need to change something to get back that balance. 10. Finding that Balance is not everything, awareness is. Awareness is something you can actually work with.... it will give you a great start.... it will keep u going, there is always something new there.... 11. Dont be an entrepreneur for the sake of it, there must be something that drives you, drives you enough to make u wanna effect that change. There is energy in it. That will guide you.

    prem SKprem SKPred 5 mesiacmi

    Megha SethMegha SethPred 5 mesiacmi
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  • I care alot about me and mine.

    William RichterWilliam RichterPred 5 mesiacmi
  • His 3 biggest investments...The Golden-state Warriors, Bitcoin and Selling Facebook stock to buy Amazon.

    LouisLouisPred 5 mesiacmi
  • Have you heard about @Enigma for privacy smart contract? you should do an interview with Tor, top Mind in Crypto

    Sil bSil bPred 6 mesiacmi
  • I agree about the interviewer but dont forget chamath hired and funded him. You and i are sitting somewhere watching this on youtube. Chamath is awesome.

    N ZN ZPred 6 mesiacmi
  • Love listening to this guy

    JORGEMO29JORGEMO29Pred 6 mesiacmi
  • Psalm 90 vs 17: May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us- yes, establish the work of our hands.

  • check channel Mindplace Studio the name change to Social capital why?

    Fadhil CHFadhil CHPred 7 mesiacmi
  • audio guy wouldn't have this job

    Safat RahmanSafat RahmanPred 8 mesiacmi
  • The interviewer idiot.

    DanDanPred 8 mesiacmi
  • His recommended book: Adult Children of Alcoholic

    3str3lla183str3lla18Pred 8 mesiacmi
  • Probably one of the best lectures on SVlift

    Toronto SupercarsToronto SupercarsPred 8 mesiacmi
  • 32:46 marketing happiness

    GGGGPred 8 mesiacmi
  • Wow so much respect for Chamath for tolerating that rude, unprofessional interviewer

    GGGGPred 8 mesiacmi
  • The interviewer wasn’t terrible. He was just trying too hard.

    tigerrxtigerrxPred 9 mesiacmi
  • The interviewer is brutal...hard to watch.

    Oana IraniOana IraniPred 9 mesiacmi
  • Ojalá y los títanes te roben tu cuenta pinche pendejo

    Banday ytBanday ytPred 9 mesiacmi
  • Somehow he just turned this interview into his personal therapy session lol. Not sure how, but he got deep into his personal life.

    RendrocRendrocPred 9 mesiacmi
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  • I wonder if Charmath has a spiritual practice like meditation or smth like that

    ArifArifPred 9 mesiacmi
    • He seems like a mediator. Couldn't find any info on it though.

      somedude44somedude44Pred 25 dňami
    • Prolly

      Shao KhanShao KhanPred mesiacom
  • That blonde lady at the end. What a waste of a seat. I wish I had her seat... A chance to attend. Everything he said just went over her head.

    Weekee ChewWeekee ChewPred 9 mesiacmi
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