Despicable Me 2 (2013) Final Battle with healthbars

Despicable Me 2 belongs to Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures.




  • 3:04 my favorite part

    Yvan Kyle GatchalianYvan Kyle GatchalianPred 11 hodinami
  • Flawless victory for Lucy

    Nile HoruseusNile HoruseusPred dňom
  • rip el macho

    Carlson LuffyCarlson LuffyPred dňom
  • Call of gruty zombies cold war gameplay captured on blender

    InfoCDE ProyectosInfoCDE ProyectosPred 3 dňami
  • Before lockdown: 2:56 During lockdown: 2:58

    Yoel YudaYoel YudaPred 3 dňami
  • You've made me so happy

    Wonder BoyWonder BoyPred 4 dňami

      Thomas Barnard The Healthbars GuyThomas Barnard The Healthbars GuyPred 3 dňami
  • When he turned into that beast, That scared me so bad lol.

    Dead LineDead LinePred 5 dňami
  • 1:16 me in splatoon

    Sarah WolfeSarah WolfePred 7 dňami
  • 1:16 Agnes is racist. No wonder she was an orphan

    Marvellous IfeozorMarvellous IfeozorPred 7 dňami
  • 0:54 Those weren’t your minions those were Gru’s Minions, you stole most of his minions and now he getting them back

    Ozioma ObidimmaOzioma ObidimmaPred 7 dňami
  • 0:37 Looks Like Kevin got his glasses replaced

    Ozioma ObidimmaOzioma ObidimmaPred 7 dňami
  • Agnes has aimbot lol

    It’s gaming time Let’s playIt’s gaming time Let’s playPred 8 dňami
  • Why. Is. The. Red. Wire. On. The. Ship. So. Long?

    Ansh MahayAnsh MahayPred 9 dňami
  • 2:39 When your winning against a hacker in a 1v1 and you accidentally teabag him

    GhostBoi 141GhostBoi 141Pred 9 dňami
  • El Macho basically turns himself into a purple yeti with a potbelly

    Cinder SamuraiCinder SamuraiPred 12 dňami
  • 0:07 lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Natalia BudikusumaNatalia BudikusumaPred 13 dňami
  • Yes 5:35

    Kim SmithKim SmithPred 14 dňami
  • Eat jelly you purple freaks 1:14

    Kim SmithKim SmithPred 14 dňami
  • This is how we all felt when we played nerf guns... you can't deny you did used to do it

    MrMyceliumMrMyceliumPred 14 dňami
  • 3:46 lol 😂😂😂😂

    Natalia BudikusumaNatalia BudikusumaPred 16 dňami
  • #ireallyhatethatchicken

    michael the best roblox pro shao promichael the best roblox pro shao proPred 17 dňami
  • El macho more like el monster XD

    Ruby NicolasRuby NicolasPred 19 dňami
  • Is el macho really dead or just knocked out? And 2nd how can u eat shark?

    Lanz Maven LorenzoLanz Maven LorenzoPred 20 dňami
  • Call Of Gruty 69 [Actual gameplay footage]

    Joaquín MJoaquín MPred 20 dňami
  • 2:27 Tally-Ho!

    RobloxYes TheObjectShowMovieNoRobloxYes TheObjectShowMovieNoPred 20 dňami
  • Hay un error es que el macho dijo que iba a enviar a Lucy al mismo volcán Pero ese no era el mismo volcán en el de la historia de Gru el volcán era mucho más grande pero ese es que aparece en el minuto 5:42 es un poco más pequeño

    Abraham MartinteresoAbraham MartinteresoPred 20 dňami
  • 4:15 fart gun

    Ruv YzvatRuv YzvatPred 22 dňami
  • Thanks ☺️

    Andreas ZiakasAndreas ZiakasPred 24 dňami
  • bad chiken

    Haring RungHaring RungPred 24 dňami
  • i love minions

    Karol XKarol XPred 25 dňami
  • You brought the gOrls???

    Smile ManSmile ManPred 25 dňami
  • 0:15 this guy still hates jelly

    Kenzo HauckKenzo HauckPred 25 dňami
  • Jam gun runs out* Gru: OH NO!!! me: welp his gun got jammed

    vamavincent vamarisavamavincent vamarisaPred 26 dňami
  • *I really hate that chicken*

    MainSpookyMainSpookyPred 26 dňami
  • purple el macho looks like dracaula with sharp teeth

  • *Edith is always ready for action lmao*

    Levi AgbonLevi AgbonPred 27 dňami
  • edith always wears a ninja suit so i think shes a ninja kid.

    Pen GuinPen GuinPred 27 dňami
  • I really hate that chicken

  • Anyone else feel sorry for the poor shark having to go through all of this only to get turned into sushi at the end?

    DragonicDoomDragonicDoomPred 28 dňami
  • Gru and minions and Dr. Nefario and Agnes Edith and Margo El Macho and Evil El Macho and Lucy Wild agent??!

    Skater XLSkater XLPred 28 dňami
  • 1:17 when a war starts:

    Garret MartinGarret MartinPred 28 dňami
  • I remember watching this movie in 2017 or 2016 or 2018 or 2019 idk (edit)

    Paul JosephPaul JosephPred 29 dňami
  • The locals around that volcano are probably like: Not again!

    RobinRobinPred 29 dňami
  • Cool😎👍🏽

    Edwin lopezEdwin lopezPred 29 dňami
  • 1:20 Agnes: I can shoot good! Gru: Nice job Agnes, using the hacks again! Me: I think agnes has aimbot

    Random Godzilla 2019Random Godzilla 2019Pred 29 dňami
  • 5:30 when you’re on the helicopter in car crushers and then you glitch to jump in the water and you get exploded and not die

    GamingWithKeanuGamingWithKeanuPred 29 dňami

    Sunlight GlowSunlight GlowPred 29 dňami
  • I like how dr. Nefario dresses up like Rambo

    JamesakasonicJamesakasonicPred 29 dňami
  • Purple coloured minion is actually attacking yellow ones

    Roslynn P0384Roslynn P0384Pred mesiacom
  • El Macho went from fit to fat and smart to really really really stupid and idiotic

    nofomonofomoPred mesiacom
  • 2:25 Minion 1: Tally-ho! Me: OUCH!

    Le'Chira PattersonLe'Chira PattersonPred mesiacom
  • Some of us as kids 0:15

    The BanditThe BanditPred mesiacom
  • Gru would have probably roasted that chicken after this movie

    Harsh MenonHarsh MenonPred mesiacom
  • (2:40) Ham Junior (My dad) as El Macho Shira (Ice Age: Continental Drift) as Purple El Macho Wyatt Osuba (me) as Gru

    Wyatt OsubaWyatt OsubaPred mesiacom
  • The chicken is me

    Rafael GhatasRafael GhatasPred mesiacom
  • The new doom game Doom eternal minions

    Ewan WylieEwan WyliePred mesiacom
  • Me: 0:48 YEEAAHHH!

    Johandy JohnsonJohandy JohnsonPred mesiacom
  • It’s like playing a minion apocalypse game

    quan vuquan vuPred mesiacom
  • No that is sad wen they take a lot of dange

    Glenda MancillaGlenda MancillaPred mesiacom
  • ThE GoRLeS

    Sofia GonzalesSofia GonzalesPred mesiacom
  • 1:23 *How I think I look like when I’m playing an Online Shooter Game* 1:15 *How I actually look like to everybody else*

    C. Coffee CrusaderC. Coffee CrusaderPred mesiacom
  • When I was a kid I got nightmares from this crap

    NanoMacaroonNanoMacaroonPred mesiacom
  • Gru good luck

    Leeandecyan CanoLeeandecyan CanoPred mesiacom
  • I really hate that chicken

    Zeb BaileyZeb BaileyPred mesiacom
  • 1:40 hah

    Anden MitchellAnden MitchellPred mesiacom
  • 1:40 hahaha

    Anden MitchellAnden MitchellPred mesiacom
  • “We’re probably going to die...” Makes sure they live Bruh

    Lucas SchaeferLucas SchaeferPred mesiacom
  • innacurate, the fart gun didnt take away all of el macho's remaining health

    Ishi ToshinoriIshi ToshinoriPred mesiacom
    • @Lanz Maven Lorenzo pog

      Ishi ToshinoriIshi ToshinoriPred 20 dňami
    • @Ishi Toshinori plot twist: it was actually the minions fart

      Lanz Maven LorenzoLanz Maven LorenzoPred 20 dňami
    • @Thomas Barnard The Healthbars Guy its a joke

      Ishi ToshinoriIshi ToshinoriPred mesiacom
    • Because he's not dead so that wouldn't make sense.

      Thomas Barnard The Healthbars GuyThomas Barnard The Healthbars GuyPred mesiacom
  • pause at 1:59 there is too much minions look through the huge cages

    Donny TafileleDonny TafilelePred mesiacom
  • Did you guys realize about who was controlling Grus ship pause at 0:00

    Donny TafileleDonny TafilelePred mesiacom
  • 3:45 Rare footage of el macho doing the renegade

    Felix WhiteFelix WhitePred mesiacom
  • 3:04 When I saw this scene I said: yeah... *that gun's jammed*

    Theodore LiuTheodore LiuPred mesiacom
    • 3:05 is a reference to Meet the Robinsons Because Lewis' invention was jammed

      Romy RipaldaRomy RipaldaPred mesiacom
    • There's a little bit of antidote jelly, take the jar off of the jelly gun and throw it at El Macho.

      Matthew NgMatthew NgPred mesiacom
  • 1:37 that is so cute

    Anden MitchellAnden MitchellPred mesiacom

      Sharky_99 rSharky_99 rPred 10 dňami
  • sOmE gAmEr: Recoil isn’t so bad! 1:17 my gun’s recoil

    little8rickslittle8ricksPred mesiacom
  • 5:44

    Carl SchweitzerCarl SchweitzerPred mesiacom
  • 1:20 1st Person POV: You're a COD Zombies player

    Evan OlmstedEvan OlmstedPred mesiacom
  • I really hate that chicken

    S1LV3RN1GH7 IEITS1LV3RN1GH7 IEITPred mesiacom
  • 3:00 that’s the man behind the slaughter

    S1LV3RN1GH7 IEITS1LV3RN1GH7 IEITPred mesiacom
  • ......why was that one minion wearing a maid outfit.....wtflip!

    mY L1f3 aS DudumY L1f3 aS DuduPred mesiacom
  • YoU BROuGht thE GorlS

    Vlad TurturicaVlad TurturicaPred mesiacom
  • 5:11

    Masato AsmrMasato AsmrPred mesiacom
  • Job seekers

    Angry BeaversAngry BeaversPred mesiacom
  • :Volcano irrupt’s :me well the apocalypse just started

    RadbeastplaysRadbeastplaysPred mesiacom
  • 6:44

    Miranda KlineMiranda KlinePred mesiacom
  • You brought the gorls?!

    DaEggieDaEggiePred mesiacom
  • 1:16 its jelly you purple freak

    nocxs gamernocxs gamerPred mesiacom
  • Yes oh what’s that wrong

    Mahnoor I o I O o ShabbirMahnoor I o I O o ShabbirPred mesiacom
  • Call of gruty easter egg find lusy

    Nuketown3 ENuketown3 EPred mesiacom
  • The funny thing is, is that my name is lucy. Lol

    minecraft bee :Dminecraft bee :DPred mesiacom
  • "Evil Minions is Die"

    jangan very naughtyjangan very naughtyPred mesiacom
    • No, they didn't die, Gru and his family used the antidote along with the jelly to restore their normal yellow forms.

      Matthew NgMatthew NgPred mesiacom
  • That literally reminded me of a zombie apocalypse when Gru was surrounded by evil minions

    katherine nguyenkatherine nguyenPred mesiacom
  • That's a one hit K.O right there

    Matthew FisherMatthew FisherPred mesiacom
  • 3:04 ROOOOOOAR!!!!!

    Gacha lifeGacha lifePred mesiacom
  • What I think I look like playing an FPS: 1:27 What I actually look like: 1:18

    Mayo MayoMayo MayoPred mesiacom
  • I really miss this movie

    Fred labandeloFred labandeloPred mesiacom
  • Agnes: holds a gun me: wait Agnes is to young to hold a gun

    Lennox DressikieLennox DressikiePred mesiacom
  • El Macho

    Brian RamirezBrian RamirezPred mesiacom
  • I Laughing 3:45 xD

    Anh Tai PhanAnh Tai PhanPred mesiacom
  • 0:07 "IMma turn 0n @!mb0t"

    Team CynixTeam CynixPred mesiacom
  • Your Grandpa: (Having Flashbacks of the Vietnam War)

    KV H3H3KV H3H3Pred mesiacom