Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia - Battle of The Prospects

We break down a clash between Gervonta Tank Davis & Ryan the Flash Garcia. Mentees of Canelo Alvarez & Floyd Mayweather. Including training highlights, fights and knockouts with fonseca, duno, pedraza, and much more.
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  • Nunca mostram essa Luta, para valorizaram a próxima 🤫🤔👊

    Flávio MachadoFlávio MachadoPred 7 hodinami
  • If the Tank wins with a clear win or KO, okay I'll respect it. BUT if it's close fight and the judges pick Gervonta over Ryan... Flyod paid the judges lol

    DJ Rudy GDJ Rudy GPred 2 dňami
  • Ryan can destroy Tank, he has a blood of a Mexican.

    albert triasalbert triasPred 2 dňami
  • Ryan Will fuck Davis up

    Bemon Hanchor JrBemon Hanchor JrPred 2 dňami
  • Tank is Going to destroy Ryan Garcia

    Lian ArroyoLian ArroyoPred 2 dňami
  • Gervonta is not prospect now he is a champ , he destroyed a champion leo santa cruz

    ahmet aydınahmet aydınPred 2 dňami
  • Tank's worst enemy is Himself.

    Tahoe PhoenixTahoe PhoenixPred 3 dňami
  • I'm going with the Tank!

    Small DosesSmall DosesPred 3 dňami
  • Mayweather run run

    Jerry TagumJerry TagumPred 3 dňami
  • This is the good much.

    Jemar CastilloJemar CastilloPred 3 dňami
  • Девис просто машина ... Он убьет его .. он его сест....🔥

  • I like both, but I believe that Ryan will be a little too much fir Gervonte, and that "little bit" is what's going to aid him in knocking Gervonte. Tank is stronger, but the what that Ryan puts his punches together is what gives the ups

    Pastor BlackPastor BlackPred 4 dňami
  • I like Ryan, but Gervona Davis is no joke.... To be in the Ring with....

    Sralaine 007 o-007Sralaine 007 o-007Pred 4 dňami
  • What about gervontaes hit and run, looks like a future mike tyson runaway

    Khaotic GrumpyKhaotic GrumpyPred 4 dňami
  • Ryan Garcia is gone loose like his promoter golden boy& Gervonta"Tank"Davis gone come out smelling like his promoter money $$$$$$$team GTD team

    Ira FielderIra FielderPred 4 dňami
  • Horale Lamazon y el equipo que tiene!!! Traduzcan ésto están viendo apenas entiendo el castellano es que no ler.!!!

    Hulkbak HashasHulkbak HashasPred 4 dňami
  • Davis is a champion, Ryan is about to get exposed 😎

    Cleto CortezCleto CortezPred 5 dňami
  • Hunger vs Passion

    TheKidDtTheKidDtPred 5 dňami
  • Idk after gervontes last fight he’s good I haven’t seen Ryan fight a good fighter like Leo santa cruz

    Leo AlvarrzLeo AlvarrzPred 6 dňami
  • I wanna see them fight enough talking

    Brandon JenkinsBrandon JenkinsPred 6 dňami
  • Falsoooooooooooooo

    Fernando QuelalFernando QuelalPred 7 dňami
  • No amount of hype from Oscar would make me believe they will make this fight in the next 2yrs. I have trouble believing they will even make the Campbell fight. Not a shit show in hell Ryan boy band Garcia can even beat Campbell.

    John BullJohn BullPred 7 dňami
  • No amount of Oscar Dela Hoya hype could make me believe Ryan boy band Garcia could beat Tank.

    John BullJohn BullPred 7 dňami
  • Aye ones a champ one has been created like a girl or boy band.

    John BullJohn BullPred 7 dňami
  • Tank Gon Hurt em 😔

    Rejus FlippantRejus FlippantPred 7 dňami
  • No i want Ryan Garcia vs Teofimo Lopez i want Ryan Garcias closed down a big mounth at teomifo,s dad and teofimo Jr hahahahha

    Vega VegaVega VegaPred 7 dňami
  • Garcia will win for sure...

    Almer CAlmer CPred 7 dňami
  • Easy fight for gervonta

    joao vitor limajoao vitor limaPred 8 dňami
  • I'm in the year 2024, and in 2022 these two FINALLY meet and Tank KO's Garcia in round 5, Tank is still undefeated and that is Garcia's only loss so far.

    ludwin mendozaludwin mendozaPred 8 dňami
  • Teofimo

    Saksak SinagolSaksak SinagolPred 8 dňami

    Damain JenkinsDamain JenkinsPred 9 dňami
    • @israel Smith 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

      Damain JenkinsDamain JenkinsPred 7 dňami
    • @ludwin mendoza WORD BRO , HE B HITTIN' THT GLASS STEM B4 ERY FIGHT 😆 😆 😆

      Damain JenkinsDamain JenkinsPred 7 dňami
    • 😁😁😁😁😁😁

      israel Smithisrael SmithPred 8 dňami
    • "crackhead strength" lmao! test that man immediately!😆😂😭

      ludwin mendozaludwin mendozaPred 8 dňami
  • Ryan will beat that munchkin he is too short and Ryan’s to fast for that elf

    Hecto ArzagaHecto ArzagaPred 9 dňami
    • You must dont watch boxing

      Tavarus LevineTavarus LevinePred 9 dňami
  • Tank will catch a body in the ring, don’t make this fight

    Nawion NaraineNawion NarainePred 9 dňami
    • @javier Lopez 😂😂 sure we’ll see

      Nawion NaraineNawion NarainePred 7 dňami
    • tanks a bitch, wym lmfaooo

      javier Lopezjavier LopezPred 7 dňami
  • Esa pelea nunca pasará. Golden gay no va a arriesgar al muchacho a un ko inminente.

    Hector RiveraHector RiveraPred 9 dňami
  • different level

    dikky kusumadikky kusumaPred 9 dňami
  • Tank isn’t a prospect!!

    Antonio Clinton-GoodmanAntonio Clinton-GoodmanPred 10 dňami
  • Ryan my boy he go hard but Tank a problem rs

    Emmanuel NoriaEmmanuel NoriaPred 10 dňami
  • When is the fight ? My vote is for david 🤔

    jhon fredy gomez anayajhon fredy gomez anayaPred 10 dňami
  • A 5'11 to 5'6 we already this advantage!! How are these two in the same category?? I think Garcia is gonna beat the shit out of this idiot!!

    Red HatRed HatPred 10 dňami

    efraim18 everardus18efraim18 everardus18Pred 11 dňami
  • Can't sleep on those young boys? One never knows only God has the answer,? Linsten guys you will only know only when it takes place don't be disappointed when Garcia is over rated when he gets in the ring with the tank then that's where his true colors will show?in Time.

    Ray MedinaRay MedinaPred 11 dňami
  • You still my hero Loma

    Hakumen DateHakumen DatePred 11 dňami
  • Don't forget David in Goliath anything can happen

    Yazmyn MayorgaYazmyn MayorgaPred 12 dňami
  • Ryan don't want that smoke. Tan gonna give him a sleeping pill.

    Gus StanleyGus StanleyPred 12 dňami
    • Tank would kill Ryan. Ryan is a created boy band.

      John BullJohn BullPred 7 dňami
    • 7

      Neto ZalesNeto ZalesPred 9 dňami
  • Would be a great fight but tank would of been alot better if he'd of stayed with TMT got too big for his boots and sold himself short wasted talent in my eyes, garcia is a very good talent in the right hands so will go all the way

    Kris ThompsonKris ThompsonPred 12 dňami
  • When fights

    Хусейн ХатамовХусейн ХатамовPred 12 dňami
  • I wouldn’t throw Garcia out of bed for eating crackers.

    Mrs. Norman ReedusMrs. Norman ReedusPred 13 dňami
  • Tank over Garcia. Tank is complete boxer. Plus Floyd in his corner. Thankfully Tank is just 5'5 for other fighters.

  • ese rian no le aguanta ni los tres primeros rauns a jerbonta este jerbonta se lo come rapido y el nocaut sera para que este creido no bualva a acer muy tapudo ademas ni sirve

    Jorge MartinezJorge MartinezPred 14 dňami
  • U don't have a problem Oscar with Ryan facing stank davis but gayweather know better than that he will not let that happen!!he dont want that LOSS!!even stank knows he dont have the skills to beat Ryan Garcia!!🇲🇽🇲🇽

    Jose DiazJose DiazPred 14 dňami
    • @Roll Catracho only saying what I see bro,and stank davis was in trouble with Leo,if gayweather was biting his nails in the background 😆 only thing stank got is power!!

      Jose DiazJose DiazPred 13 dňami
    • Bro your delusional 😂

      Roll CatrachoRoll CatrachoPred 13 dňami
  • Davis is too much for that high school kid, it's a waste of time for Davis.

    alphonso tolbertalphonso tolbertPred 14 dňami
  • oye Garcia a Chicano tank from maryland? delaware sum Square Sh*t, Soy Chicano(.WW.) we Not tha Same sik of All dease Square's cutty 😆 MINDSET(.WW.) oye jus Listen how davis Talks 😆 call dat Swagger?

    Daniel AcostaDaniel AcostaPred 14 dňami
  • Davis will be sparring opponent for Garcia! Left or right from Garcia will knock out Davis, mark my word very easy for Garcia

    • Bro what are your guys smoking? Lol

      Roll CatrachoRoll CatrachoPred 13 dňami
  • Davis 24 0

    harris Erickharris ErickPred 14 dňami
  • It's hard to see Tank losing to anyone.....but Garcia could be a possibility.

    Harry CallahanHarry CallahanPred 16 dňami
    • @puds eugenio ikr

      Roll CatrachoRoll CatrachoPred 13 dňami
    • Your on crack

      puds eugeniopuds eugenioPred 13 dňami
  • Prospects???? More like the face of boxing!

    James AshbyJames AshbyPred 16 dňami
  • King of King figh boy .

    silvia martinezsilvia martinezPred 16 dňami
  • Garcia is too anxious and not patient. I think he still needs more experience. He's too young and eager. He's got some poor trainers.

    Gilbert SanchezGilbert SanchezPred 16 dňami
  • Tank ....IS elite, now.

    GOON GamingGOON GamingPred 16 dňami
  • Davis will take ryan 2 the grave

    GOON GamingGOON GamingPred 16 dňami
  • Ryan Garcia need to go slow to be # 1

    trinidad inigueztrinidad iniguezPred 17 dňami
  • Quien diria que los mexicanos serian los blanquitos y los estado unidense los negros

    Jose OO HernandezJose OO HernandezPred 17 dňami
  • Difference is garcia fight clean clear fighter while davis have an dirty tactics of holding and push so this would be a warning

    ira scalonira scalonPred 17 dňami
  • I see Ryan beating davis. only if he fights the right way, using his height advantage, Reach advantage. Popping that Jab,

    manuel rodriquezmanuel rodriquezPred 17 dňami
    • All it takes is one hit from tank and it's over

      Maximilliano OrtizMaximilliano OrtizPred 14 dňami
  • 7

    Linda ThompsonLinda ThompsonPred 18 dňami
  • It's time for all these so called champions to finally fight each other. No more excuses!

  • Tank all day!!!

    Eddie RiveraEddie RiveraPred 18 dňami
  • Canlo Would know the out

    Rosa OrtegaRosa OrtegaPred 18 dňami
  • Tank will beat brakes off Garcia.. He wouldn't last 3 rounds.. This kid is from the hood of hoods in Baltimore. Garcia don't stand an ice cube chance in HELL! Tank is HOOD HARD and that is some serious shit. Believe it.....

    Yahmoh Yashar'ELYahmoh Yashar'ELPred 18 dňami
  • Gervota le gana a Garcia de seguro.

    Panama ScanservicePanama ScanservicePred 18 dňami
  • Ryan isn't ready yet. Need more time to develop and fight elite fighters.

  • If this two fight, Paquiao wins

    Juan PérezJuan PérezPred 18 dňami
  • Tank says he won't fight Garcia because Garcia isn't good enough? So funny! Tank would fight him if Garcia wasn't good enough and rake in the cash. The only logic is that Tank won't fight him because he's afraid of losing. Tanks just protecting his record...he's a pretender. Ha! What a joke. Who says, I wont fight him because he's not good enough? Fighters fight to win...go ahead and beat him if your supposidly better Tank. Tank doesn't fight because he might loose. Its the only reason. Oh, Tank will fight about 15 years...Tanks afraid he'll Tank when he fights Garcia.

    Hank MikeHank MikePred 18 dňami
  • Ryan garcia! Te va hacer cagar pa dentro gervonta. Sos bueno pero no para el

    Lucas ToralesLucas ToralesPred 19 dňami
  • Oscar, please don't end this kid's career when it's really just starting... Tank may literally kill Ryan: 2 highly skilled fighters, but a HORRIBLE match up for Garcia😔

    Stark ThanosStark ThanosPred 19 dňami
    • Literally just getting ready to type this exact thing....Its very common for the B side to challenge the A side when their considered the underdog....Hes to young to appreciate the fact that the guy hes desparetly tring to fight is saving his career and allowing him to develop a bit more....Kinda scary that OscarDH is so willing to put his young talent in harms way

      Souja RaisedSouja RaisedPred 15 dňami
  • Hard to pick a winner , these are 2 very good boxers, I cannot even say out of the two who could do more damage.

    muh ashevliwmuh ashevliwPred 19 dňami
  • Gervota davissssss

    Azat FarkinAzat FarkinPred 19 dňami
  • They ducking Gary Russell Jr

    Manny MontanaManny MontanaPred 20 dňami
  • i know looks dont mean nothing in the ring! but theres something in Tanks eyes i recognize! Theres a animal deep inside...Tyson had it, Marciano, Ali, foreman! its not something most ppl will recognize in a crowd! but kids from the streets know what i mean...its like a thousand mile stare from a tiger! i never looked like a fighter, but i never lost and fought alot on the street when i was a young knucklehead! Garcia has that unintimidating look.....but make no mistakes hes a banger, and if pride and ego translate to heart hell be great! hence, at the moment id be affraid for Ryan to meet Tank in the ring hell hold his own till tank starts ripping those deep crushing hooks to the body, then head...Ryan needs to fill out, and i hope hes listening to Canellos peeps, and not too wrapped up in that instagram! Tank can hurt you PERMENANTLY!

    John MirabileJohn MirabilePred 20 dňami
  • This channel doesn't know anything about boxing. Stop uploading stupid contents. Garcia is far from the tank. You should know that.

    Peralta HedrianPeralta HedrianPred 20 dňami
  • I honestly don't see Ryan beating. Plus ryan is trying too hard to throw hard punches.

    Darren JacksonDarren JacksonPred 20 dňami
  • gervonta really underestimating ryan

    ali arafatali arafatPred 20 dňami
    • That's what they said about his previous fight..until they saw what happened... The other thing you should keep in your mind is the element of height. a 5'6 to 5'11 that's a huge contrast

      Red HatRed HatPred 10 dňami
    • Ryan never fought a good boxer. Davis will kill him

      Ichika AdachiIchika AdachiPred 17 dňami
  • FashionNova boy better relax 😂🤣

    _yo.Kikee_yo.KikeePred 20 dňami
  • Put some Rrspect on Tank name bitch he know where near a Prospect he been Champion ...Ryan is a prospect with Contender Talent but he hasn't fought anybody or won a belt yet..he beats like he becomes a contender

    Amir LiggonsAmir LiggonsPred 20 dňami
  • Davis will hurt him, big time!,

    kalei Dudoitkalei DudoitPred 21 dňom
  • García # 1

    Fernando OrozcoFernando OrozcoPred 21 dňom
  • Ryan Garcia you got this I have faith in you the other dude talks to much trash just like Mayweather Smmfh

    tim ramireztim ramirezPred 21 dňom
    • We'll see. First he should work on that laughable guard of his.

      Darren JacksonDarren JacksonPred 20 dňami
  • David gonna drop him like a timber log

    Frank NumoFrank NumoPred 21 dňom
  • davis is always acting like he fought somebody big or good no he fights people that cant box like ryan

    averythekingsaverythekingsPred 21 dňom
  • he want next!? tank

    Ira FielderIra FielderPred 21 dňom
  • tank lets get it!!!? Rayn garcia

    Ira FielderIra FielderPred 21 dňom
  • Dont forget Haney

    AvengerX SavageAvengerX SavagePred 21 dňom
  • Garcia should not fight Tank. And if his Momma's alive, she would beg him to not fight Tank. Omg! Risk is too high for Garcia. That skinny ass neck cannot take that powerful situation.

    Bes Joy-Day StephensenBes Joy-Day StephensenPred 21 dňom
  • Tank all tje way.!!

    SantosRiveraPR75SantosRiveraPR75Pred 21 dňom
  • Imagine a Canelo vs tank fight!!!! Instead they give us ryan vs Tank.

    Isaac GallegosIsaac GallegosPred 22 dňami

    ov sf tolano sfov sf tolano sfPred 22 dňami
  • Ryan will beat him slowly..

    Marshallese we familyMarshallese we familyPred 22 dňami
  • Davis will destroy garcia

    Ricardo RamosRicardo RamosPred 22 dňami
  • You sound biased

    TheRealCJTheRealCJPred 22 dňami
  • Davis will knock garcia out all day

    bthomas0339bthomas0339Pred 22 dňami