Teofimo Lopez - The Destructive Power of Boxing!

In less than 2 years, Teofimo Lopez made a loud statement about himself in the professional ring, he became the prospect of 2018 in the opinion of most authoritative publications, and his behavior both in the ring and beyond quickly attracted public attention. Teofimo has own fighting style, it is interesting to watch on him especially on how he finishes the fights. After a recent victory over Richard Commey and winning the IBF world lightweight title, Prospect became the main contender for the fight with Vasyl Lomachenko. Let's look at some examples of the destructive power of Brooklyn Teofimo Lopez, before the most anticipated battle of 2020.
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  • The take over 👊 🏆 HN😎💪

    Gerson Eduardo LedezmaGerson Eduardo LedezmaPred 5 dňami
  • rematch

    Simonas VaitiekunasSimonas VaitiekunasPred 6 dňami
  • He was losing in the late rounds loma schooled this guy but too late

    Kahru MaroKahru MaroPred 6 dňami
  • Teofimo el campeón y punto. Un guerrero Maya de los Lempiras Hondureños. Un verdadero campeón.

    Mario BonillaMario BonillaPred 7 dňami
  • Please spare us this great panoramic intros like "new york, 2019" etc. Repitition of reps. Boxing does not need this bloody hollywood drama. That is for people who like flics about boxing, but not boxing for it self.

    jp grumbachjp grumbachPred 8 dňami
  • A few of them falls looked suspicious??

    Brian D CareyBrian D CareyPred 10 dňami
  • Should show some respect to America for his opportunities!!

    Brian D CareyBrian D CareyPred 10 dňami
  • Lopez been on that ass I see

    Jerry SequeiraJerry SequeiraPred 10 dňami
  • Does anyone come after Lopez vs lomachenko fight and look at some of these dumb ass comments

    Win BeatzWin BeatzPred 10 dňami
  • That was not a knockdown against nakatani....it was a slip. Deceptive editing.

    Gumshun_PGumshun_PPred 12 dňami
  • Hi hater, didn't happen huh?

    Daniel CardenasDaniel CardenasPred 14 dňami
  • Soy mexicano me encanta el box pero todos los que a noqueado no son muy difíciles no quiero decir que no son buenos pero no están en un rango muy alto después que pelee contra el ucraniano que es la prueba del fuego 🔥 le doy un punto a su favor

    L. R.L. R.Pred 14 dňami
  • What dance fool

    Rudy MartinezRudy MartinezPred 14 dňami
  • Teo is a bum ass kid

    Danny Nieves PerezDanny Nieves PerezPred 15 dňami
  • Let’s make it happen let’s not wait for them to get old.we can get 2 to 3 super mega fights.with this two young warriors.

    Gustavo Del CidGustavo Del CidPred 16 dňami
  • Is all ready a mega fight

    Gustavo Del CidGustavo Del CidPred 16 dňami
  • Tank vs teofimo is the real fight

    Gustavo Del CidGustavo Del CidPred 16 dňami
  • Teofimo is a bigger guy. Has more power, younger.speed and he has a really good deglfense game. He’s boxing iq is not bad but I think he’ll get better.same with teo and tank. If loma would have fought like Leo did he would have got ko

    Gustavo Del CidGustavo Del CidPred 16 dňami
  • What did you say loma is going to make him quit lol 😂

    Gustavo Del CidGustavo Del CidPred 16 dňami
  • Lopez power Latino

    Walter CordovaWalter CordovaPred 16 dňami
  • This guy, the way he celebrate. Cartoon boy.hahaaa

    Robert LalchhuanmawiaRobert LalchhuanmawiaPred 17 dňami
  • Tank would eat this guy up

    A BPA BPPred 17 dňami
  • 👍👍👍👍👍😂😂😂

    Wilmer RamirezWilmer RamirezPred 18 dňami

    Wilmer RamirezWilmer RamirezPred 18 dňami
  • Gr8

    marius Talosmarius TalosPred 19 dňami
  • And then he fights an old man of 32-Loma!

    16nowhereman16nowheremanPred 19 dňami
  • Teofilo will eat alive the thank!!!!

    Jose EstradaJose EstradaPred 21 dňom
  • Que buen boxeador es Teofimo orgullo Hondureño.

    Enrique CruzEnrique CruzPred 22 dňami
  • Damn these comments didn't age well lmao yall salty or nah 🤣 😂 💀

    Kwame TureKwame TurePred 25 dňami
  • To me he is very good and he is not afraid👍👍👍👍👍

    Gustavo RamirezGustavo RamirezPred 26 dňami
  • Teofimo Lopez is a Leyend...

    Lion RamirezLion RamirezPred 26 dňami
  • this guy commentating did well with the exception of the end. you can hold mass at the end of a fight, that dont mean im going to like the fighter any more. lopez "BEAT" loma. so to be a good participator in the world of boxing you cant let your personal biased bullshit get in the way.

    delfin evensondelfin evensonPred 26 dňami
  • So the boxing world is saying that Loma lost the first six rounds because he didn't throw any punches which is true, but in the second half of the fight when Loma did throw punches he won those rounds. So Lopez can only when rounds if Loma don't fight back right?? Well at least by the analyzation of the boxing world just not in those words 😃 it's no wonder Lopez don't want to rematch. Good Job teo, but I did see Loma whipping yo ass when he did decide to start punching

    Manny PatriotManny PatriotPred 26 dňami
  • To make it more interesting for Teofimo's boxing career pls accept the REMATCH from Lomachenco. Great fighters will not run from competitive fight. Legends and Superstars in boxing will have a rematch or a trio to determine greatness.

    Crunchy CrispyCrunchy CrispyPred 26 dňami
  • Lopes is no respect his opponent after k.o.


    Cecilio MendozaCecilio MendozaPred 27 dňami
  • Something happen to Loma that night, he didn´t whats to fight Teofimo, Loma isn´t afraid to him, and also he can beat Teofimo easily

    Foto Estudio EvoluciónFoto Estudio EvoluciónPred 28 dňami
  • Lol you Haters didnt expect that!!! Lmaooooo

    Honduran WarriorHonduran WarriorPred 28 dňami
  • Sad to lo see Loma loosing by Judges only and only by them...never can say how Loma lost for real. Teo is good but I think Judges wanted to do some Charity...good luck wuth Charity ...

    Alexandru ArhireAlexandru ArhirePred 29 dňami
    • ???? The first 6 round and the 12 was clearly for teo

      Jose AvelarJose AvelarPred 28 dňami
  • When Lopez comes up with the upset😁

    Emmanuel ResonableEmmanuel ResonablePred 29 dňami
  • Loma lopez fight looks like an ordinary fight...not inpressive and entertaining...as if they were not champions...

    Rogelio EresoRogelio EresoPred mesiacom
  • Loma lopez fight looks like an ordinary fight...not inpressive and entertaining...as if they were not champions...

    Rogelio EresoRogelio EresoPred mesiacom
  • Lomanchenko está en otro nivel nivel de q si ya tiene 2perdidas en linea y ahora está llorando

    Jose RIVERAJose RIVERAPred mesiacom
  • Jó Mérkőzés volt

    Sandor FarkasSandor FarkasPred mesiacom
  • The world knows who Lopez is now

    noel kemmynoel kemmyPred mesiacom
  • Teofemale Lopez cause he is a girl deep down

    Sean HassanSean HassanPred mesiacom
  • Lopez boxing with only sacks, because we do not see any boxing.

    Jaime LopezJaime LopezPred mesiacom
  • The winner should be loma because he is been challenge and as long the champ didnt ko he still the champ..but we could see the unfairness of the game frm the beginning already by the commentator..and by this tournament theme words The Take Over

    Mr. CacinLaMr. CacinLaPred mesiacom
  • Teofimo "The Take Over"Lopez the new undisputed champion 🏆 Loma era is gone

    Yoel FrancoYoel FrancoPred mesiacom
  • Lopez did not beat the Asian guy. Political.

    British Comedy Disturbed Artist PodcastBritish Comedy Disturbed Artist PodcastPred mesiacom
  • DESDE PUERTO RICO, EXELENTE trabajo , peleaste exelente porque no dejaste que Lomanchesco hiciera su pelea y creo que la extrategia fue pelear hacia enfrente en todo momento y funcionó porque la pelea de Lomanchesco depende que el boxeador se quede parado o pelee en retroceso para poder usar sus habilidades y si observa la pelea que deberias hacerlo los episodios que Lomanchesco gano los gano porque o te quedaste parado o peleaste en retroceso , en una revancha , no deveria cometer ese error denuevo. Excelente trabajo .

    fernando rosadofernando rosadoPred mesiacom
  • Great fighter, so much natural talent, a joy to watch...but I see shades of Prince Naseem Hamed here and we all know how his ego and clownin garound made him look like a complete asshole when he finally got rumbled. Why, why, why do they do it? Just fight, remain humble and you'll be liked more. Love his fighting style, but loathe the person.

    EldoublevayUKEldoublevayUKPred mesiacom
  • Lopez magaling.

    Elisa BucayongElisa BucayongPred mesiacom
  • What a ridiculous title of this video!!!!!!!

    martin Mendoza villegasmartin Mendoza villegasPred mesiacom

    Alex AcunaAlex AcunaPred mesiacom
    • How I’m confused that man still completely dominated 2 weight classes that aren’t even his + his own

      N00BOOBN00BOOBPred mesiacom
  • Prince Naseem? Lopez is already better than Naseem ever was.

    musik102musik102Pred mesiacom
  • someday u will be defeated..remember that lopez..and i love to see u lying ing the canvass

    jezreel roy dabonjezreel roy dabonPred mesiacom
    • How is your diva chenko doing??🤡🤡😭😭

      Nelson VasquezNelson VasquezPred 29 dňami
  • Millions of people who started watching boxing and let them wake up and open their eyes what a beautiful and technical boxing it is thanks to the Lomachenko family! millions of people in the world have already taken the example that many children gave their sons to the boxing section, there is but! after the fight between Lomachenko and Lopez, millions of civilians of the world realized that in order to become the absolute champion of the world, it is inappropriate to win the European Boxing Championship and the World Boxing Championship, even the Olympic Games are inappropriate, but you just need to bribe the Judges as Bob Arum and Mayweather and the Lopez family did and are involved in this and Golden Boy promotion! everyone is waiting for an answer for today if Lomachenko and Lopez do not have a rematch, then you will already notice from the statistics that there are disappointments in how the judges solve the issue without leaving the ring! and destroy the dreams of millions of citizens loving boxing! I am one of those who refuse to watch boxing and get sick and advertise for the guys to do boxing, because as a result they will lose heart from boxing as they did with Lomachenko! after the announcement of the judges' notes, BOXING STARTED JUST DIE! Thanks to TOP RANK and BOB ARUM for the fraud!

    Alex АkcellAlex АkcellPred mesiacom
  • Teofimo is the real deal!

    Hungry RabbitHungry RabbitPred mesiacom
  • soñaste con esa imagen falsa de loma en el piso,,,triste falso como tu boxeador lopez!! triste pobre boxeador!! sueñen.....idolos con pies de barro!!

    carlos manuel Bermocarlos manuel BermoPred mesiacom
  • nowdays boxers are incomparable to the old ones but got to admit i laugh hard when i saw the title!

    Davedeli HunnamDavedeli HunnamPred mesiacom
  • he looks perfomance enhanced pumped whats he on

    Kahs FrewKahs FrewPred mesiacom
    • He’s just huge for 135 Im a boxer and I walk around at 139 but if I were to train for a fight like they do I’d probably fight at 135 too And this man looks twice my size (Im 5’9 and pretty cut now too but Im not no world champion 😂) it’s just not his natural weight he’s too big

      N00BOOBN00BOOBPred mesiacom
  • This foo acts like a damn child after he fights

    5.0_ Life5.0_ LifePred mesiacom
  • Hey beat the brakes off lomo lol lomo won 3 rounds 4 if being generous

    Lee Young jrLee Young jrPred mesiacom
  • Hey lomo fight adrian broner at 140 catch weight if you can't beat him put the gloves down clown lol and to ESPN sorry your lomo show got cancelled by Lopez lol

    Lee Young jrLee Young jrPred mesiacom
  • Then they got the nerve to call lomo pound for pound champ man stop it he needs to earn his respect back until lomo beats another high level fighter ( davis,stevenson,or heney ) or crawford , he gets no more respect from me hell he's 32 years old with not enough fights he needs to prove himself in the ring

    Lee Young jrLee Young jrPred mesiacom
  • They on different levels but Lopez is on a higher level lomo looked like a bum foreal I just didn't like his attitude after loosing he didn't look like a warrior who wanted to avenge his loss he looked like a bitch that wanted to go home and cry

    Lee Young jrLee Young jrPred mesiacom
  • Loma is gone 😂😂

    JayR89JayR89Pred mesiacom
  • After Lopez defeated Loma..we wait For next fight ...Davis vs Lopez.

    Randy ignacioRandy ignacioPred mesiacom
  • Nah. In the showmanship depmt, Naseen will ever be 1. It had nothing to do with boxing, it was just natural witty persona.

    Alex CruzAlex CruzPred mesiacom
  • Lo de Magdaleno, fue una total irresponsabilidad de su esquina... Afortunadamente no tuvo un final trágico...

    Zeim EMZeim EMPred mesiacom
  • Did he just retire Lomachenko now, unless Loma gets a rematch...Great channel btw!

    PandapluttenPandapluttenPred mesiacom
  • Are you kidding me? Prince Naseem was way far from the level of Teofimo Lopez. It might sound correct if you will say, "The next Manny Pacquiao". Naseem was badly beaten by Marco Antonio Barera. Prince was just too good if his opponent was not in his level. Just like Amir Khan, Prince Naseem was an easy target in his jaw.

    Napoleon BolambotNapoleon BolambotPred mesiacom
    • Nassem was a clown man

      Martin SanchezMartin SanchezPred 23 dňami
    • Next Rocky Marciano or Floyd Mayweather Jr.🤡

      Yumeng Boy MengyuYumeng Boy MengyuPred mesiacom
  • You can’t compare Naseem Hamid to Teo , Teo would rip him apart , and Lemo would have destroyed him

    currymanonecurrymanonePred mesiacom
  • After watching him beat Loma, I’d say he’s much better than Prince Naseem

    J. YumurajJ. YumurajPred mesiacom
    • Prince naseem was a bum

      Rudy MartinezRudy MartinezPred 14 dňami
    • 100% facts much harder hitter and fast with skills

      Trey DubsTrey DubsPred mesiacom
  • Look at the comments here

    ChanGamingChanGamingPred mesiacom
  • Now y'all eat ya words Loma got taimed

    Darren FryDarren FryPred mesiacom
  • Who’s here after Lopez win against Loserchenko?

    CMHCMHPred mesiacom
  • This is the reason I prefer MMA! These judges suck!

    Robert IngallsRobert IngallsPred mesiacom

    Hector RamirezHector RamirezPred mesiacom
  • So where all the haters saying disrespectful things on Lopez and hes Father?!?!?

    JstarJamesJstarJamesPred mesiacom
  • Yeah he is the new Prince Naseem, and Lopez was Barerra

    CristoperCristoperPred mesiacom
  • I'm just here reading all the comments that got it wrong😂🤣

    babysealclub11babysealclub11Pred mesiacom
  • easy money mickey

    Jesse VillaJesse VillaPred mesiacom
  • Loma Loma Loma blah blah blah 😆

    Jose FloresJose FloresPred mesiacom
  • Who's here after Lopez becoming the Undisputed Lightweight Champion?

    Peter PaulPeter PaulPred mesiacom
    • & he didn't even use his power.... he outboxed him 10/12 rounds.......

      Gustavo NanaGustavo NanaPred 9 dňami
  • Robbery Lima he KO was robbed!!

    Bill SquiresBill SquiresPred mesiacom
  • Who's here after Lopez handled Lomachenko?

    Ishmamm NazrulIshmamm NazrulPred mesiacom
  • Teofimo did it!!! 🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳

    Trigger GuyTrigger GuyPred mesiacom
  • no this is not naseem's future Nasim was more of a egocentric narcissist this guy is more of a Pacquiao humble type. this is a category on his own never seen this style and perfection.

    from angels to Satanfrom angels to SatanPred mesiacom
  • Someday his career will down like prince naseem..hahaha

    Marcelito GregorioMarcelito GregorioPred mesiacom
  • trash talks is not a champion act , it is the signature sign of losing the fight , Lopez's dad is typical and himself is following the steps of the clown , they are turning into a joke .

  • Lmao peeps 14:47 the funniest bit ever that cameraman had no clue what he just done 😀

    Oly OluOly OluPred mesiacom

    Left Hook CityLeft Hook CityPred mesiacom
  • all of his opponents are punching bags

    No face manNo face manPred mesiacom
  • The kid is a beast 💪💪💪

    Brutally HonestBrutally HonestPred mesiacom
  • This guy has no dignity. Lomachenko is a man, this kid is a clown.

    rowb earlyrowb earlyPred mesiacom
  • Mabuhay ka!!!

    Rolando ValenzuelaRolando ValenzuelaPred mesiacom
  • Only showing his wins, where are all his loosing ones

    John SmiffJohn SmiffPred mesiacom
  • I'm definitely going for the humble guy.

    Victor RosasVictor RosasPred mesiacom