Lana Del Rey | Live In England [Full Concert]

Lana Del Rey | Live In England [Full Concert]
01. Cola
02. Body Electric
03. Blue Jeans
05. Born to Die
06. Ultraviolence
07. Young and Beautiful
08. Summertime Sadness
09. Ride
11. National Anthem
Banned due to SVlift:
West Coast
Video Games
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  • 😢❤❤❤👏

    Kevin Alexander Piedrahita ValderramaKevin Alexander Piedrahita ValderramaPred dňom
  • Times when we didn't need to wear a mask!

    Reenal DsouzaReenal DsouzaPred 4 dňami
  • There is a woman who doesn't need fancy clothes... She would look like a goddess even if she wears plastic bags...

    roosalyn silvaroosalyn silvaPred 4 dňami
  • This crow fuckin sucks :/

    Jay SixxxJay SixxxPred 5 dňami
  • She looks sad but she did great

    Dorer Del reyDorer Del reyPred 5 dňami
  • I kinda like her. The fact that she writes most of own stuff is a plus. Unfortunately, the musicians that comprise her group completely suck. There’s not one member among them that has any right to be on any stage. The drummer, the bassist, and especially the lead guitarist are without an inkling of talent.

    David GradyDavid GradyPred 6 dňami
  • The big screen helps so much! You. Can hear, no problem! Lana del Rey is pretty awesome. The first giant screen was actually brought to us first from good ole Jethro Full, back in the early 70`s. He called it Tullivision! We saw him in concert with Robin Trower (sp?) And it was awesome to see them so close up but be so far away. Not to take away from Lana, but I love her and what a voice. Love her lyrics too. Summertime Sadness is my fave. She sounds fantastic LIVE TOO.

    bambi avilabambi avilaPred 6 dňami
  • The electric guitarist was the coolest person in the concert

    Dancing MiracleDancing MiraclePred 6 dňami
  • She's so mesmerizing, so beautiful.

    Cary GaringerCary GaringerPred 6 dňami
  • one of my favs Lana's live ♥️

    vanessavanessaPred 7 dňami
  • Thank you for the video ❤❤

    L muon GangteL muon GangtePred 7 dňami
  • wow she is stunning

    mr bluemr bluePred 9 dňami
  • Lana Del Rey para el #VIVELATINO

    Rodrigo MartínezRodrigo MartínezPred 16 dňami
  • Ladies and Gentleman: The Queen Lana.

    Vincenzo MondelliVincenzo MondelliPred 19 dňami
  • Very feminine nature! It's a shame that she positions herself as an exceptional American. I would show her a Russian village for example. But I love her for her voice, for her looks and for her peculiar artistry.

    Александр ТорАлександр ТорPred 20 dňami
  • que show paradoooo

    Ana CarolineAna CarolinePred 23 dňami
    • Pq não foi no Brasil, se fosse estaríamos gritando e chorando: Lanaaaaa, Eu te amoooo ❤️❤️ Meu deeeeus, como esse povo teve sorte de ver esse showwww! 😰😭😭😭😭

      Stefany correiaStefany correiaPred 2 hodinami
  • Lana te amo!!

    Franco SeFranco SePred 26 dňami
  • Smoking Lana? Holy shit, my heart is broken!

    Александр МельникАлександр МельникPred 27 dňami
  • Lana's voice + electric guitar = heaven on earth❤️

    Mo7amed AkmalMo7amed AkmalPred 28 dňami
  • 3¼mips...eggnchips®€cu™

    PC Socket 7 Intel 430vx txPC Socket 7 Intel 430vx txPred 28 dňami
  • what year was this??

    Ivan IvanovičIvan IvanovičPred 28 dňami
    • 2014

      Vincenzo MondelliVincenzo MondelliPred 19 dňami
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the legendary: Lana Del Rey

    Michael Jenard LiganMichael Jenard LiganPred 28 dňami
  • Typically depressing from Lana.C'mon Lana encourage us.

    ItsgottobesaidItsgottobesaidPred 29 dňami
    • she was clearly nervous. Big crowd, not a particularly encouraging one either. No response from them.

      MariamaMariamaPred 17 dňami
  • Thanks for posting this video!!! 💗💞💖

    eleonora medinaeleonora medinaPred mesiacom
  • Excepcional, Genial, Magnífico, Maravilloso, Estupendo. 😍😍

    Hector Mauricio Velazquez VazquezHector Mauricio Velazquez VazquezPred mesiacom
  • who ever posted this... God bless you

    Sal HafemburgSal HafemburgPred mesiacom
  • 🥰

    marketing4friendsmarketing4friendsPred mesiacom
  • i love lana to the moon and back, but often it seems like she sings without putting any effort in and her voice is super shaky. let's be real.

    ezgi tatarezgi tatarPred mesiacom
    • @Nigar M yes she does!

      ezgi tatarezgi tatarPred 14 dňami
    • very true. but with time she gets better

      Nigar MNigar MPred 15 dňami
    • @Mariama don't take it personal, girl. i'm just saying.

      ezgi tatarezgi tatarPred 15 dňami
    • this was back in 2014, she was nervous, cut her some slack. She sings much more clearly and confidently now.

      MariamaMariamaPred 17 dňami
  • A banda tá querendo se promover em cima da mina. ainda bem que ela já deu linha nesses comédias . Sim, porque talento ela tem. *

    Luiz BergLuiz BergPred mesiacom
  • 15/10/2020. Um Brasileiro passando por aqui.🇧🇷👈❤🕪🎧

    Neto MendesNeto MendesPred mesiacom
  • This show is amazing.

    jack tepesjack tepesPred mesiacom
  • The crowd wasn’t passing the vibe check at all

    Alana VialAlana VialPred mesiacom
    • @Swami Ralf yes people are singing, but YOU CANT ENFOCATE EACH PERSON IN THE CROWD, and you can see that some of them are raising their arms, YOU CANT JUST PUT TO EACH ONE A MICROPHONE lol

    • The video is literallly FILLED with ppl singing along. I think they were into it...

      Swami RalfSwami RalfPred 8 dňami
    • exactly. Brazil is where it's at.

      MariamaMariamaPred 17 dňami
  • La amo ❤️

    Erika IglesiasErika IglesiasPred mesiacom
  • who else missed lana being herself alone with no back-up dancers? i mean she dances cute, but who missed this bad-ass lana who plays guitar and smoke like “bitch, get high if you want to, idgaf”

    Dino DeverauxDino DeverauxPred mesiacom
  • No see amo el sonido de la guitarra y la voz de lana ufff ♥️♥️

    tin biatin biaPred mesiacom
  • ultraviolence era ❤️🤘🏻

    Christian CarmonaChristian CarmonaPred mesiacom
  • galera morta da porra

    Renan GabrielRenan GabrielPred mesiacom
    • Pensei a mesma coisa, se eu tivesse aí ia sair rouca

      Nayara LucenaNayara LucenaPred mesiacom
  • Me encanta Lana del Rey, me gusta su estilo, su voz y todo. Pero quiero que alguien que sepa de verdad de música, diga si canta desafinada o es mi idea.

    Jorge DJorge DPred mesiacom
    • Pánico escénico.

      Bayron ReyesBayron ReyesPred mesiacom
    • Yo no sé de música, pero se sabe que Lana sufre de miedo escénico y, según mi opinión, antes experimentaba mucho en el podio - usaba diferentes voces, diferentes maneras de cantar, improvisaba mucho y cantaba melodías diferentes de sus canciones de estudio (como aquí en Blue Jeans) y esas a veces no van tan bien con la música original. Sin embargo, hoy tiene mucha auto-confianza y me parece que ya tiene claro qué voz quiere utilizar y de qué manera quiere cantar, ya no experimenta tanto. Busca aquí en SVlift un vídeo llamado "Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell Tour (Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, Oct 08, 2019)". Allí canta per-fec-to, es el mejor concierto de ella que he visto por aquí. Compara Blue Jeans, Born To Die o Ultraviolence de allí con los mismos de este vídeo, es una gran diferencia. En el otro vídeo se nota bien que ya sabe cómo quiere cantar y qué es lo más natural para ella y le va bien. 🙂

      ESC Lucia SlovakiaESC Lucia SlovakiaPred mesiacom

    柠檬drugs柠檬drugsPred mesiacom
  • Everytime when I listened to her I think poor girl. You‘re forced to sing not in your natural key.

    R NR NPred mesiacom
    • Agree. There is nothing to compare between her recorded songs to her live show. She doesn't know to sing unfortunately.

      Uri KotzerUri KotzerPred 4 dňami
    • why?

      domiziiadomiziiaPred mesiacom
  • perfect, I loved

    L Henrique SouzaL Henrique SouzaPred mesiacom
  • And then she had to go and wear a mesh mask, and I stopped respecting anything about her.

    Elle BlackElle BlackPred mesiacom
    • Mask police 👮‍♀️

      Bye 72Bye 72Pred 12 dňami
    • because wearing a mesh mask is an unspeakable crime.

      MariamaMariamaPred 17 dňami
    • @Dylan Collins exactly lmao

      MariamaMariamaPred 17 dňami
    • yet u couldn’t resist coming back to watch this 😉😉

      Dylan CollinsDylan CollinsPred 29 dňami
    • Lana can do what she wants. Shes queen

      sourrobloxxsourrobloxxPred mesiacom
  • 🖤

    Karin RoseKarin RosePred mesiacom
  • perfeita

    Francine De CarvalhoFrancine De CarvalhoPred mesiacom
  • Donde fue esto? ¡Excelente Lana! Gracias por subirlo 🤗

    Cecilia GonzalezCecilia GonzalezPred mesiacom
    • Esto es del festival de Glastonbury en 2014.

      SoundCheckSoundCheckPred mesiacom
  • this takes me back to high school. her dress, the electric guitar, the mood of the festival encompass ultraviolence era

    Ryan EstrellaRyan EstrellaPred mesiacom
  • Effy stonem stoned

    Joe MJoe MPred mesiacom
  • Guitarist has a School of Seven Bells shirt. Sweet.

    Dennis TokarskyDennis TokarskyPred mesiacom
  • I’m stuck in the Ultraviolence Era 🙌 it was gorgeous

    Burnt NortonBurnt NortonPred mesiacom
    • Indeed! Love the Ultraviolence sound. And why did SVlift (apparently) ban "West Coast" here? Very confused...

      Ecxo SolitatEcxo SolitatPred 3 dňami
    • @Natalie Torres With everything going on in the world my era is born to die.

      RoyRoyPred 26 dňami
    • man, me too

      Natalie TorresNatalie TorresPred mesiacom
  • canta en vivo o no

    Pedro TroncosoPedro TroncosoPred mesiacom
    • Pedro Troncoso.... of course, yes she does

  • when did this concert happened?

    Giovanna AndradeGiovanna AndradePred mesiacom
    • jun 2014

      Walter BardierWalter BardierPred mesiacom
  • Thank you so much 💘🙏🏼

    Maitê BrandãoMaitê BrandãoPred mesiacom
  • Eu amo essa live com todas as minhas forças

    Ana LuizaAna LuizaPred mesiacom
    • o jeito que ela começa me traz uma paz 😭😭😭

      Renan GabrielRenan GabrielPred mesiacom
    • pse ne

      Pensadora PensativaPensadora PensativaPred mesiacom
  • Why nobody’s are singing 😭

    sweetner baesweetner baePred mesiacom
  • Crown sucks shame on this people

    GuxalliexGuxalliexPred mesiacom
  • Uma Deusa, perfeita

    Zosimo TadeuZosimo TadeuPred mesiacom
  • she's ART.

    NicolásNicolásPred mesiacom
  • perfeitaaa demaiss

    Luigui CastroLuigui CastroPred mesiacom
  • I luv me some Lana :)

    Nicholas RuppNicholas RuppPred mesiacom
  • What the hell 37:30

    Leandro HenriqueLeandro HenriquePred mesiacom
    • The laserdisk skipped.

      WizardOfWhoopeeWizardOfWhoopeePred mesiacom

    Christopher Muñoz JaqueChristopher Muñoz JaquePred mesiacom
  • Body electric 😍

    JP HerazoJP HerazoPred 2 mesiacmi
  • 😍😍💖💖

    Magali PenayoMagali PenayoPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Thank you ❤️

    Smile And RepeatSmile And RepeatPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Wooow

    София ИвановаСофия ИвановаPred 2 mesiacmi

    R.TizzleTheTVShowGuyR.TizzleTheTVShowGuyPred 2 mesiacmi
    • Thanks! My favorite song also. Her voice, poise, everything is perfect. I love that she is fearless and beautiful. And she can SING!

      bambi avilabambi avilaPred 6 dňami
  • This is amazing thanks for uploading

    night sorcerernight sorcererPred 2 mesiacmi
  • WOW, thank you SOOOOOO MUCH! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️ The setlist its amazing!

    L RafaelL RafaelPred 2 mesiacmi
  • That storm suits this set so much 🙏🏼 amazing 💋

    AL GARDNERAL GARDNERPred 3 mesiacmi
  • west coast?????

    Kat OliverKat OliverPred 3 mesiacmi
    • west coast is in 56 minute versoin of this video, i have uploaded here in, not so good quality, search for comments there for full vidoe

      90AlmostFamous90AlmostFamousPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Nice! Thank you! 🤘💜

    Wallan SaimonWallan SaimonPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Where are West Coast and Video Games?

    Alessandro FerrariAlessandro FerrariPred 4 mesiacmi
    • ''Banned due to SVlift: West Coast Video Games''

      Hans VinkHans VinkPred mesiacom
  • woahh thank you!!! 😍😍😍

    Azan M. RamadhanAzan M. RamadhanPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Ok I'll take 3 then

    18O65 Salie Kisa18O65 Salie KisaPred 4 mesiacmi
  • 2

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  • 1

    Nitha ShinasNitha ShinasPred 4 mesiacmi