Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life ft. The Weeknd (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Lust For Life. (C) 2017 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Polydor Ltd. (UK). Under exclusive licence to Interscope Records in the USA

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  • 24.11.2019... 💗

    Paula Del reyPaula Del reyPred 3 hodinami
  • I've never heard "take off all your clothes" so elegantly! 🌸💔

    gulshan fathimagulshan fathimaPred 10 hodinami
  • This song sound a lot like without you jajajajaja

    Momss EspañaMomss EspañaPred 14 hodinami
  • Ameii

    Ana MariaaAna MariaaPred 22 hodinami
  • A love of God and a lust for life, is that a thing?

    Whitney HarrellWhitney HarrellPred dňom
  • Collab of the year

    Vickram PersaudVickram PersaudPred dňom
  • i like the twlight reference toward the end laying in the field together

    gabriel wendellgabriel wendellPred dňom
  • Necesito que vuelvan a colaborar

    adoreicarusadoreicarusPred dňom
  • eu só queria que esse hino tivesse 10 minutos de duração

    camila costacamila costaPred dňom
  • This is my quarantine theme song

    Harvey OngHarvey OngPred dňom
  • best friendship ever pls don't tell me I'm wrong:)

    Emma BiermanEmma BiermanPred 2 dňami
  • I see why the weekend started making movie-like videos

    dahbraledahbralePred 2 dňami
  • tripping mucica ✨

    Paige TullisPaige TullisPred 2 dňami
  • This song and “Monster Cover by Clover Cage” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...

    tvtime2121tvtime2121Pred 2 dňami
    • You too,I encourage you in these difficult times for all.I send you greetings and love 🥰

      Jemely GonzálezJemely GonzálezPred 12 hodinami
  • abel😍

    Gagan SharmaGagan SharmaPred 2 dňami
  • Me Recuerda A La Niña Más Hermosa Que Paso Por Mi Vida 💔

  • I would like to know who’s behind all this video editing? This is a masterpiece

    Hoa DuongHoa DuongPred 2 dňami
  • Choose Life! Wait, where's Iggy Pop??

    OrangeflavaOrangeflavaPred 3 dňami
  • She's like Betty Boop, with long hair. She's so beautiful 😍

    Julie Fe PiñonJulie Fe PiñonPred 3 dňami
  • Lana and Catriona Grey have similar features 🥺❤️

    Julie Fe PiñonJulie Fe PiñonPred 3 dňami
  • eu amo demais

    Bruno BrandãoBruno BrandãoPred 3 dňami
  • She is so stunning and her music is haunting

    Patricia SuttonPatricia SuttonPred 3 dňami
  • Хоспаде! Это прекрасно 🥺✨.

    Сенсей ПингвинчикСенсей ПингвинчикPred 3 dňami
  • 2020?

    Emanuel SilvaEmanuel SilvaPred 4 dňami
  • 00:35 instant regret 00:55 instant tears

    XD79 YXD79 YPred 4 dňami
  • Dupla perfeita

    isabella Akemiisabella AkemiPred 4 dňami

    Carnales Flows EntCarnales Flows EntPred 4 dňami
  • Amazing.

    Lazy SchoolBoyLazy SchoolBoyPred 4 dňami
  • always fave!!

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  • 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶☠❤🖤

    Jonatha AmorimJonatha AmorimPred 5 dňami
  • asi es, escuchando a lana porque a mi ex le encanta. :,)

    luis gluis gPred 5 dňami
  • resurrected banger alert

    Jesse PenaJesse PenaPred 5 dňami
  • 18 November ❤️

    Lana Delreyy23Lana Delreyy23Pred 5 dňami
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Rique RenoderRique RenoderPred 5 dňami
  • I didn't know about this collaboration until now

    Christian KamsuChristian KamsuPred 5 dňami
  • amo 1:49

    Greyce SandovalGreyce SandovalPred 5 dňami
  • Дизлайк поставили только завистники

    Evdokia EvdokiaEvdokia EvdokiaPred 5 dňami
  • I like the chemistry of these two, damn it !!

    sacifer lutanassacifer lutanasPred 5 dňami
  • Climb up the H of the Hollywood sign, yeah In these stolen moments The world is mine There's nobody here, just us together Keepin' me hot like July forever 'Cause we're the masters of our own fate We're the captains of our own souls There's no way for us to come away 'Cause boy we're gold, boy we're gold And I was like Take off, take off Take off all your clothes Take off, take off Take off all your clothes Take off, take off Take off all of your clothes They say only the good die young That just ain't right 'Cause we're having too much fun Too much fun tonight, yeah And a lust for life, and a lust for life And a lust for life, and a lust for life Keeps us alive, keeps us alive Keeps us alive, keeps us alive And a lust for life, and a lust for life And a lust for…❤️

    L PL PPred 6 dňami
    • Thank youuu! 💞

      Duygu Yağmur ÇelikDuygu Yağmur ÇelikPred 5 dňami
  • two legends

    lakachakalakachakaPred 6 dňami
  • this is such a majestic video. this is so beautiful

    Tasfia AhmedTasfia AhmedPred 6 dňami
  • An enchanting song and video about a very sad happening, suicide that of Peg. Lana took a sad event and made it enticing, better as if atoning for her I wish Lana did not produce such captivating sad songs though.

    lexva5lexva5Pred 6 dňami
  • MY SЕХ LOVE--->> I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli,

    Girl SexxGirl SexxPred 6 dňami
  • je to beloška nie

    A*a* *a*a*A*a* *a*a*Pred 6 dňami
  • лана очень хороша

    Михаил МайоровМихаил МайоровPred 6 dňami
  • could be people sharing such fun together,sharing such chemistry and love together, showing such inate trust and respect, and listening to the lyrics closely here through my ear phones..I personally hear no talk at all of suicide.?anyone else's thoughts on this?

    ginny algerginny algerPred 7 dňami
    • Just a lust for life...

      ginny algerginny algerPred 7 dňami
  • 5 yr old me at 4:27 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE............

    shekhar khadkeshekhar khadkePred 7 dňami
  • Ang saraap mo lana

    Jerick VerunqueJerick VerunquePred 7 dňami
  • They are adorable together ❤️😘 I remember he said in a interview she was the high pitched voice in Lonely star ⭐ intro I love them 😍

    AbelanaAbelanaPred 7 dňami
  • legends

    Juanmi González MartínezJuanmi González MartínezPred 7 dňami
  • *Iggy Pop has entered the chat*

    Josiah St.Josiah St.Pred 7 dňami
  • This video gives me Cherryl Blossom vibes.

    Ana Victoria Castillo BrugalAna Victoria Castillo BrugalPred 8 dňami
  • I just adore this personal take on it,is its about bareing your soul between friends, and sliding down that Hollywood sign.....having each other's souls...and just being each other together 🥰😇💞

    ginny algerginny algerPred 8 dňami
  • Nose Porque pero Me Caga la Voz de The Weeknd

    Eadrien StarligthEadrien StarligthPred 8 dňami
  • I love lana

    geniet van het levengeniet van het levenPred 9 dňami
  • Amo este tema ❤️

    Oneisy Estrella Vera OrtizOneisy Estrella Vera OrtizPred 9 dňami
  • they need to make a collab ep

    Taijai OTaijai OPred 9 dňami
  • And Lust of Life and the Lust of Love keeps us alive...💕AMAZING 💕

    Don't cry little heartDon't cry little heartPred 9 dňami
  • Dijo mi nombre jajaja, julio!

    Julio AntonioJulio AntonioPred 9 dňami
  • Their chemistry is adicting they look so good as a couple 🖤❤

    Alexander PaganAlexander PaganPred 9 dňami

  • Lana + Abel = Explosion of ♥❤💖

    Vero NikitaVero NikitaPred 10 dňami
  • 1:48 is just iconic

    Da_Yanti. F.Da_Yanti. F.Pred 10 dňami
  • Lana's music videos are always taking my breath

    Da_Yanti. F.Da_Yanti. F.Pred 10 dňami
  • I was thinking about it song and my brain played automatically❤️

    Rose RedRose RedPred 10 dňami
  • They are so hot and cool together ! Wow !

    Anamika BeniwalAnamika BeniwalPred 10 dňami
  • just image .... The Weeknd will be performing at the super bowl, he can bring one guest, he choose Lana to sing this song. Imagine how iconic this performance would be. Wow 🥺

    Alejandra BolanosAlejandra BolanosPred 11 dňami
    • @Abelana Yes you right The same is happening with Lana right now just because her songs talk about glamorizing abuse when in fact it isn't. Like Abel, she also adopts a person in both her music videos and songs. That's why I adore them because they give mystery to their musical style. Like you, I'm sick of many people continuing to criticize artists for things that don't make sense.And also I wanna go someday at his concert Because I've never been to his concerts and I wanna meet him but we have to wait until the pandemic passes

      Jemely GonzálezJemely GonzálezPred 5 dňami
    • @Jemely González ferreal I'm sick of articles about his lyrics being mysognistic I read in article he mimicking hip hop culture in star boy called braggacido lol that's why the films he use is campy horror he's satirizing music industry he said he couldn't sell the music he was making with how he looked because people care about artificial looks and follow the boys in the band D.D. and that's what he means when he's playing a character and his albums are like movies... Bc they are movies I'm a fan of satirical novels and that's where his ideas come from listening to D.D. as we speak it's trilogy all day long XO I like the bands his producer sampled and Valerie Alice ustinova is also a music producer... Ironic I love him tho 😍 I read somewhere the model in hob is valerie but the point is will never know what celebs are really like. Abel seems normal tho to me lol and he does care about his fans I'd wanna meet him but covid :(

      AbelanaAbelanaPred 5 dňami
    • @Abelana Exactly if you dont know something dont judge

      Jemely GonzálezJemely GonzálezPred 5 dňami
    • @Jemely González After hours is also satirical approach on hollywood culture you can't judge people you don't know period.

      AbelanaAbelanaPred 6 dňami
    • @Jemely González xotwod you too :)

      AbelanaAbelanaPred 6 dňami
  • Anyone would like another collab from Lana and The Weeknd???

    Chrysogen PeniciliumChrysogen PeniciliumPred 11 dňami
  • I wonder who told Lana about the Story of Peg or how she found about her story?

    Beautiful ‘ Drop DeadBeautiful ‘ Drop DeadPred 11 dňami
  • i would let lana del rey break my heart 5 times

    Sebastian -_-Sebastian -_-Pred 12 dňami
  • Lana del rey's songs end me in a way that even i can't explain

    Vitória FragataVitória FragataPred 12 dňami
  • Brilliant

    909rhythm909rhythmPred 12 dňami
  • Gente eu tenho uma paixão por essa música que eu não sei explicar

    Revi ViníciusRevi ViníciusPred 13 dňami
  • Canción maravillosa

    Carlos Arturo Martinez SepulvedaCarlos Arturo Martinez SepulvedaPred 13 dňami
    • Escrita por Anahi

      lifert peterslifert petersPred 10 dňami

    Liliana Ramírez MejiaLiliana Ramírez MejiaPred 13 dňami
  • ben lanayım sen de the weeknd

    sılasılaPred 13 dňami
  • It’s so sad that nobody can get past the “take off all your clothes”. The song is about suicide. Google Peg Entwistle.

    Tashna StormyTashna StormyPred 13 dňami
    • she said it’s not abt that woman

      _citynight__citynight_Pred 11 dňami
  • 3:48 the brooklyn baby reference 😭

    Rana MaowiaRana MaowiaPred 13 dňami
  • I feel so stupid for finding this right now

    SamsungloveSamsunglovePred 13 dňami
    • Don't say.There is always time to.listen it

      Jemely GonzálezJemely GonzálezPred 12 hodinami
    • Samee

      Queenie JamesQueenie JamesPred dňom
    • Better late than never 🤷🏼‍♀️

      Angelzmakeup & moreAngelzmakeup & morePred 3 dňami
    • I feel so stupid for discovering lana just like a month ago

    • I knew about her existence, but I guess I never listened to the right songs ._. But now I'm addicted :)

      Lucas OliveiraLucas OliveiraPred 7 dňami
  • Isn't it a bit racist to wear gloves when she has to touch a black person?

    Ich BinsIch BinsPred 14 dňami
    • Wtf

      Prasiddha DahagamPrasiddha DahagamPred 19 hodinami
  • te amooooo lana :'3

    Ibarra Campos Jessie KiaraIbarra Campos Jessie KiaraPred 14 dňami
  • I love this double mamãe

    Anny Del ReyAnny Del ReyPred 14 dňami
  • Aaaaa eu amo te tanto lana

    Anny Del ReyAnny Del ReyPred 14 dňami
  • They just seem like soulmates that didn't got together in their past life but found one another in the next. 😔

    RasiMelodyRasiMelodyPred 14 dňami
  • Suara indonesia sepi ya

    Jatmini IjatJatmini IjatPred 14 dňami
  • i cannot get tired of this

    LalalalalalalalalalalanLalalalalalalalalalalanPred 15 dňami
  • 2020 ?

    Ernesto José Ceepa mezaErnesto José Ceepa mezaPred 15 dňami
  • Why some one dislike this

    Omar DoyleyOmar DoyleyPred 15 dňami
  • who still watching at the end of 2020 #nostalgia

    J N O S T A L G I AJ N O S T A L G I APred 15 dňami
  • I love this song so much and this duet but please don’t romanticize the both of them. They are good friends.

    Kalin JonesKalin JonesPred 15 dňami
  • You are my favourite artist

    Marjhorie ChaconMarjhorie ChaconPred 15 dňami
  • Me tatuare está canción en el alma. te amo lanitaaaa

  • It’s true only the good one Die young my son die at 22 I mis him so much ❤️love you Julian

    daisy del campodaisy del campoPred 15 dňami
  • Lol xd

    ANIME VXANIME VXPred 15 dňami
  • Anyone seeing today?

    Micael CirianoMicael CirianoPred 15 dňami
  • Romance song of the decade! I’m entranced by it.

    George MeadGeorge MeadPred 15 dňami
  • I love vocal

    ayechan paingayechan paingPred 15 dňami
  • That spark b/w the lips at 1:43

    Dushyant YadavDushyant YadavPred 15 dňami
  • First time i heard this song i loved the chor. Didn't know it was him in the vocals. Lol

    Alexis BaltazarAlexis BaltazarPred 15 dňami
  • Found her song on SVlift and I wish I could found this earlier. It’s so so precious .

    SerenitySerenityPred 16 dňami