Ranking Minecraft's Most Unbelievable Seeds...

Minecraft's Most Unbelievable and Rarest Seeds... Minecraft seeds can make some Minecraft worlds look ABSOLUTELY INSANE, so today we showcase and look at the most craziest Minecraft Seeds.
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Not Minecraft's History on SVlift or Glitches, or even the entire history of minecraft i guess, and not even close to Ranking Minecraft's rarest occurrences and Minecrafts most mind-blowing inventions. Dream could totally use some of these seeds for a manhunt speedrunner vs hunters... Or maybe even tommyinnit in a Minecraft Mod video.
DISCLAIMER: All of these seeds are Java besides the ravine, Some of the seeds in this video only work on certain versions, so if it isn't working try other versions like 1.12, 1.7.10, and 1.14.
-To find the landmarks, do /locate(biome) (landmark) like stronghold or village and you should be able to find the landmark.
Credits to reddit and the Minecraft@home team for finding the majority of these seeds, they're crazy.
- u/plebiain





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    • Why ur ending in this is funny

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    • What the hell did you do

      Jonathan Johnston is a simp for white diamondJonathan Johnston is a simp for white diamondPred dňom
    • No

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  • 9:30

    Suyog BajracharyaSuyog BajracharyaPred 4 minútami
  • 10:20 to be honest, my friend accidentally create a world with a random seed then we found this BIG ravine. Also, there is a lot of diamonds below the lava since it was duplicated

    Its Acapz!!Its Acapz!!Pred 7 minútami
  • Nicee

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  • :O

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  • Me:mom can we find a village? Mom:but we already found one The village: 2:12

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  • great video, instantly subbed ur funny and the editing was on point! great vid in general man :)

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  • The ones who made the jungle temple floating be like: Guy1: boss are you sure you want to make it floating? Boss: yes yes Guy2: *walks in room* Boss and guy1: oh hey Guy2: why the fuck you wanna make it floating?

    Thoriq HarisThoriq HarisPred hodinou
  • Was that a Song?

    KG 2 GAMERKG 2 GAMERPred 2 hodinami
  • You can also put this seed is 6655 and it will impress you

  • 2079142724

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  • how does this guy get 5m+ views a video and has only 500k subs?

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    • I love your videos!!!!!

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  • I LOVE how this guy doesn't waste time on a bunch of super long + loud transition screens and counting down. He actually just plows through the content. So refreshing!

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  • 4232314645993285604

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  • Damn today I learned more from 11 min vid than 12 years in school

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  • Me wondering how he found some of these seeds: 🤔 🤨

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  • 1:57 do not judge the yarl 2:33 he likes his privacy 3:00 it was the vault tech experiment 3:24 caveman go ugh 3:33 i actually dont have a joke 3:58 neptune was having trouble with electricity 4:20 they wanted to feel secluded 4:45 the neighborhood kids were onto him and his underground bunker full of rare goodies

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  • 4:09 I think that's Coral Castle

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  • I would like to know the cordnents for the tallest mountain

    DogiesEveyoneDogiesEveyonePred 6 hodinami
  • Once I had a world where the village was half a ravine

    slinjaslinjaPred 6 hodinami
  • Since bedrock is so glitchy I once had a seed in which a village spawned underground with a zombie spawned inside it

    TheFunWasHereTheFunWasHerePred 6 hodinami
  • This seed 1669320484 still works like a charm (Tested on 1.16.221)

    Mega_LucarioFTWMega_LucarioFTWPred 6 hodinami
  • "Completely randomized" Half a second later: "All determined by a specific number called the seed"

    Fun FunFun FunPred 7 hodinami
  • Omg i got a 1 in 14000000000 seed with my friend a while ago and didn't even know it

    The LusogermanThe LusogermanPred 8 hodinami
  • Sky house

    Slatsky AugustSlatsky AugustPred 8 hodinami
  • I also got a village spawned on a little insland and I also found the pink sheep in it 🐑

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  • I love your videos!!!!!

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  • Learning In school:👎 Learning from Sipover:👍

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  • what are the cords for the first one?

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  • 10m views in 1 week😳

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  • #camebyl3vi

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  • Aaaaaand the coordinates for where to find each world's crazy "thing" was not shown. 😔 And the seed for Bedrock doesn't work (at least, not for Java).

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  • The ending tho

    Silky RobinsonSilky RobinsonPred 11 hodinami
  • Lmaoo 11:14 I Think it looks like a-

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  • the people who believe in herobrine watching this vid: IT'S HEROBRINE'S WORK

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  • How about the stone egg

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  • Enderportal fully working is actually 4094:1

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  • I'm high therefore I am here.

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  • Ps4 or PC seeds?

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  • coordinates?

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  • I was watching this video and found a double identical house next to each other.

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  • Wait i have gotten that see before!!! 6:57

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  • graf, wiem ze to ogladales

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  • Bruh moment

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  • Perfect 2:30

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  • Try the cursed dimensions, search the end ship for orders

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  • Congrats for 500,000 subs 🥳🥳

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  • Floating jungle looks like some modpack stuff

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  • I found a nether portal in a villagers house and surrounded by lava

    Deirdre FosterDeirdre FosterPred 16 hodinami
  • the virgin menu background seed vs the chad 23 block tall cactus seed

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  • 0:46 That called the USA.

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  • Do these work with bedrock edition

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  • and liked

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  • i just subbed

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  • WEY NO se iingles >:v

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  • I expected a random shit top but it was actually super interesting

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  • i tried the one with strange portal bc it sounded cool and it didnt work :(

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  • notice how the bee update is actually extremely different (wrong rotation, one has taiga the other doesnt one has birch the other has oak in the background)

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  • It's cacti not cactuses😀👍

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  • What is the coordinate, where is the coordinate?

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  • I think cap

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  • Why.. not working in my minecraft bedrock edition

    Golden MarshGolden MarshPred 20 hodinami
  • Hey SipOver I Have Found A Seed that has a modified jungle edge and it has badlands and here's the seed -1220441339 its on pocket edition

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  • 1 week... 200k subs...

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  • Knowing there is a woodland mansion in your world and you spawned in it is like 1/10000000000000000000000000 chance

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    • 1:42 whats the coordinates

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  • 153528141396417860 is the best

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  • good nice info

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  • 3019 rarest seed: spawns with a command block that lets you enable creative mode

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  • 1:39 version and cords? 😩

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  • Ahh I see now that speed runners like dream uses that seed

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  • The desert temple and rhe mountain and village was the seed in my pocket edition world and it got deleted thats amazing since its in java and mine is in picket

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  • 4232314645993285604

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  • GUYS, that diamond fact really work, thats incredible

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  • Can you do a whole vid about bedrock?

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  • e

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  • 11:10 The most unbelievable seed no cap

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  • I like when he talking like this was a documentary with tittle“seven wonders of the world”

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  • Random seeds are cool

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  • this guy is gonna be the next big minecraft youtuber

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  • 1:42 whats the coordinates

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  • How do I find the inf revein

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  • Today i opened a world and i found a floating giant taiga tree😭

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  • Amazing video you condensed so much information into 1 video. I've seen many of the things in this video before but separately and there even was alot of new stuff

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  • Wait a minute I thought that 12 eye seeds are bugged and don't actually spawn the portal? Isn't that why 12 eye seeds aren't used for seeded speedruns?

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  • 10:28 free diamonds lmao

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  • They removdd the superpig seed

  • Its procedural. If it were random you wouldn't get anything that looked like hills or rivers etc. And these are just bugged worlds. That's all.

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  • I found a stronghold on a superflat world, no presets, just flat terrain, villages... And the stronghold

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  • The seeds dont work :///

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  • Lol he didn’t make it boring

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  • Why do they always say what they got in the chest it randomized so no no E-Gaps for all of us

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  • let me guess, you were watching FitMC?

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  • Vim pelo L3VI

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  • Bro since when is Sipover getting 10mil views???? algorithm treating him right goddamn

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