Robert Garcia: Mag kaiba ang level ni Pacquiao at Lomachenko

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  • Pacman 's ability technique aggression power and from another planet super human speed is considered as one of the best of the best🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    Kristian AlejandroKristian AlejandroPred dňom
  • c pacquiao natalo at nabugbog s dalawang banong asian boxer pinatulog p s ring... c loma wlang nakabugbog s kanya gaya ng inabot na bugbog ni pacquiao at pagtulog s lona.... kya magaling talaga c loma kysa kay pacquiao malayo ang level nila talga, ahahaha😂😂😂 TBE/GOAT 50-0💪

    • @Christian Roldan c pacquiao lang ang natutulog at palaging nabubugbog s ring diba, ahahaha😂😂😂TBE

    • Halatang walang alam kakatulog lang ni Loma 😂😂 taas pa ng weight division ayun abugbug😂😂

      Christian RoldanChristian RoldanPred 2 dňami
  • Pag tinalo mo si pacquiao Hindi ibig sabihin mas malakas ka.. kailangan mopa ng 8 world titles

    Mugiwara MugiwaranoMugiwara MugiwaranoPred 7 dňami
  • grabe..sarap talga panoorin mga laban ni pacman

    Godfather AlfonsoGodfather AlfonsoPred 19 dňami
  • LOMA porma lang magaling walang power.

    Ralf I gotRalf I gotPred 20 dňami
  • Idol sana makacollab kta 🔥👌

    SportsGround PHSportsGround PHPred 20 dňami
  • Loma is far behind with Manny 🤣 lol don't compare Manny to Loma, Loma needs to retired right now if he want to stay with 135 he will taste the canvas next if he wants to fight Haney or Davis im gonna tell you you should avoid that dude if you don't want want to destroy your face

    Richard Cara-osRichard Cara-osPred 23 dňami
  • its obvious pacman is not on loma's league. loma was being exposed

    Aris ErcilloAris ErcilloPred 25 dňami
  • 8 division is no joke. You need to train like saitama aka one punch man in order to get that 8 division class in boxing.. lol

    neilz rackedneilz rackedPred 26 dňami
  • Bkit tinawag n amateur si loma?

    Damascus EastDamascus EastPred 27 dňami
  • #clickbait #kwentongbarbero

    Jackdup EngudthugoJackdup EngudthugoPred 28 dňami
  • 8 division is no joke. You need to train like saitama in order to get that 8 division class in boxing.. Pacquiao is a legend.😤🔥

    Joseph BallaresJoseph BallaresPred 28 dňami
    • 😂😂😂

      Joaquin Dela cruzJoaquin Dela cruzPred 2 dňami
  • legend is ..paperviews top paid history

    jayjayPred 28 dňami
  • Daming pinoy dito na utak ga mongo. Sariling atin na boxer minamaliit pati c senador manny pacquiao. Ano na na naabot nyo sa buhay kumpara kay senator. Mabait at matulungin na tao c Manny.

    Lito BayquinLito BayquinPred 28 dňami
    • E mga inggitero kasi e hahaha

      Rickyzen GamingYTRickyzen GamingYTPred 8 dňami
  • Kahit naka peds pa sila d parin kaya si idol

    well giewell giePred 29 dňami
  • Para mapatunayan ni loma na elite fighter sya umakyat sya muna sa welterweight division.

    Nic Andrew EbuezaNic Andrew EbuezaPred 29 dňami
  • I'm a big fan of Manny, pero ang content na to ay basura. Kala ko pa naman sa interview mismo ni coach Garcia.

    Afro JackAfro JackPred 29 dňami
  • After Loma vs Lopez dun mo talaga masasabe na sa kalahati lang yang Luma kay pacman.

    Manuel TorresManuel TorresPred mesiacom
  • pacquiao wouldve beaten lopez lol

    LiparksGamingLiparksGamingPred mesiacom
  • disrespectful for the people's champ M.P. comparing him to loma.. not even close..

    zero Sevenzero SevenPred mesiacom
  • Cguro mcoconsider nlng tlga sya ng husto na maisama sa P4p list kung magiging undesputed champion sya. Just saying.

    Mark Enley RemoquilloMark Enley RemoquilloPred mesiacom
  • Sino susunod na kalaban ni Pacquiao

    Blessed LifeBlessed LifePred mesiacom
  • Excited na ko paano pulvusin ni pacman si mcgregor

    Jonas ArregladoJonas ArregladoPred mesiacom
  • Loma is just a piece of cake of manny Pacquiao career

    Jin MekagamiJin MekagamiPred mesiacom
  • Sa bilis at galawan pantay pa or lamang ng konti si loma. Pero pag dating sa lakas pati tibay ng katawan malaki lamang ni pacquiao

    Gerald BermudezGerald BermudezPred mesiacom
  • napakalayo mga tibalo palang ni Pacman

    Carl HillsideCarl HillsidePred mesiacom
  • If you want to prepare for Pacquiao, all you have to do is to get 10 sparring partners and then fight them all at the same time! If you survive, you're ready!

    Jonathan SibayJonathan SibayPred mesiacom
  • Loma was defeated by Lopez a tough fight considering it reach 12 rounds. However, If Pacman was to fight Loma nahhhhhh I doubt I will reach 12 rounds. Loma is too slow for Pacman. Loma is a slow starter. if you watch the fight between Loma and Lopez and the rest of his fight he usually steps his gas around 5 or 6 rounds. he let his opponent get tired but that's not gonna work for Pacman. He'll start punching you in the first round and before Loma notice his already lying on the canvas LOL :)

  • loma will be crushed like a graham if he will want to fight.

    June Donald EcaranumJune Donald EcaranumPred mesiacom
  • Nice content.. 💗

    Christopher JordanChristopher JordanPred mesiacom
  • in boxing, elite is something, legendary is another thing but being a GOAT is an extraordinary something. Thats Grandpa Pac.

    lee chaolee chaoPred mesiacom
    • @Jaranis927 san banda? Dahil 50-0 score nya? Haha. Si julio cesar chavez 80-0 bago nagkaroon ng talo. 😆

      Jei MairuzuJei MairuzuPred dňom
    • @Jaranis927 yuck

      Chubcha TagilidAkinChubcha TagilidAkinPred 4 dňami
    • TBE padin mayweather!

      Jaranis927Jaranis927Pred 17 dňami
  • Ganun din si Pacquiao natalo din para sakin panalo parin si luma Kay Lopez bugbog nga si Lopez pero nanalo pa judge problema dun

    Anne cardinal BesarioAnne cardinal BesarioPred mesiacom
  • eh ginulpi lang no salido yan si loma...hahah

    Paul LiwanagPaul LiwanagPred mesiacom
  • wala naman sinabi, ikaw lang nagsabi haha. hinaantay ko yung mismong interview lol.

    Alfred SabayAlfred SabayPred mesiacom
  • Solid pacquiao pa rin.. Lods like and subscribe kita , pa like and subscribe dn po.. thanks

    TheBross PHTheBross PHPred mesiacom
  • Bakit idinidikit ba kay Manny si Loma ay tae lang kay Manny yan bakit lage ninyong isinasabit kay Manny yan ay tae lang yan kompara kay Manny

    Lilimuel FernandezLilimuel FernandezPred mesiacom
  • Walang kinumpara ang coach..hahaha..

    Rosito LigahonRosito LigahonPred mesiacom
  • Lomachenko imitator ni Pacquiao... Talaga naman !! pati ba naman shoulder injury ginaya pa.

    Manny OrihManny OrihPred mesiacom
  • 135 nga nahirapan na sya kay paquio pa na lumalaban ng 150

    Romulo LoricaRomulo LoricaPred mesiacom

    Renjo TolentinoRenjo TolentinoPred mesiacom
    • the destroyer was a better nickname ffs

      power nap25power nap25Pred mesiacom
  • Brandon Rios countering Manny's punches with his face.

    Menace GamingMenace GamingPred mesiacom
  • 2:33 grabe reflexes ni Manny yung akala mo masasapul mo na kaso makakailag ulit.

    PaoloPaoloPred mesiacom
  • Pacman is KinG then Loma is Queen see the difference? 🤣

    Sir-Leon AbuhanSir-Leon AbuhanPred mesiacom
    • gayweather would jealous, he is the real queen

      abdul restorabdul restorPred 28 dňami
  • I just want to say this. Teofino Lopez. Manny is not getting younger. He is a fantastic fighter. A legend. But not invincible. Remember Marquez.

    Al CortzprogmAl CortzprogmPred mesiacom
  • I love rios how he counter manny's punches with a smile.😄😄😄

    Hinar0Hinar0Pred mesiacom
  • Madali talonin si Pacquiao - Daya in siya sa umpisa palang gaya ni Money Man.

    Wasabi NinjaWasabi NinjaPred mesiacom
  • Level gap c LOMA kay PACMAN

    galil acegalil acePred mesiacom
  • Mas exciting at sensational si pacman kay loma boring panoorin ang laban

    evelyn retizaevelyn retizaPred mesiacom
  • Why compare Manny to Loma? Is Manny the barometer in boxing?

    J DJ DPred mesiacom
  • Lomachenco is a thrash...

    Stay SingleStay SinglePred mesiacom
  • Merun sanang boksingerong mala Manny Pacquiao na pwedeng gawin sparring partner kaso namatay na, Edwin Valero. Wlang talo. laht na panalo ay KO. Southpaw din.

    Darren DerekDarren DerekPred mesiacom
  • Pacman will eat loma alive

    Raymond RaymundoRaymond RaymundoPred mesiacom
  • Ang isa sa Maganda kay idol Sen. Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio he is a true Warrior. Kahit bata at malakas ang makakatapat niya sa ibabaw ng lona at handang makipag basagan ng mukha. Walang game plan game plan. Matira matibay! Yun ang gusto ni Pacquaio, lakas ng loob product ba naman ng "Blow by blow" dati ng IBC 13 at RPN 9 :-D :-D :-D

    Ayo GojarAyo GojarPred mesiacom
  • Di uubra kay Pacquiao si Loma

    Rodel CarrilloRodel CarrilloPred mesiacom
  • Hindi lang magkaiba talagang napakalayo sa isat isa, biruin mo mula sa 108 lbs to 154 lbs Naging 8 Division world champion

    Johnchristian LabitadJohnchristian LabitadPred mesiacom

    kaizen kingkaizen kingPred mesiacom
  • Come on, nomatchenko is nothing to Pacman!!!

    Vladimir PonceVladimir PoncePred mesiacom
  • New subs boss..

    Serry FlordelizSerry FlordelizPred mesiacom
  • Si Pacquiao ay kayang bumato ng kumbinasyong suntok pasugod man o paatras at masmatibay ang panga, bodega n Pacquiao at ang lakas ni Pacquiao ay pwedeng pang middleweight

    francis camerofrancis cameroPred mesiacom
  • Pac vs loma bout gonna end in 6 rounds loma sleeping on the canvass with face like jigsaw

    Jinyuz IndamakingJinyuz IndamakingPred mesiacom
  • Lomachenko =lumang singko. Manny Pacquiao =pinakyaw lahat ng pera.... Whahaha

    Lito ManambayLito ManambayPred mesiacom
  • Watch the last fight.. 😅 beaten loma.. and they want to see pacman and loma.. 😅

    Muz AnunciacionMuz AnunciacionPred mesiacom
  • Definitely !!pinatunayan un ng matalo si lima kay lopez 👌

    Emil MartinEmil MartinPred mesiacom
  • Tama, kung cguro c pacman nka match up ni lopez wla

    Lillian dara EspañolaLillian dara EspañolaPred mesiacom
  • Napalayo ng level ni Pacquiao...

    Lone WolfLone WolfPred mesiacom
  • Wla na makakapantay kay legend senator. Ako lang pwedeng itulad sa kanya magkapareho nang galaw ni sir manny.

    Jhon Michael Galuno jrJhon Michael Galuno jrPred mesiacom
  • Kahit ilang taon pa ang lilipas wala ng pacman na lilitaw sa mundo ng boxing.... Dahil imposeble si pacman sa mundo ng boxing...

    Mary jane CuizonMary jane CuizonPred mesiacom
  • Wag nyo ikumpara c loma kay paquiao dahil marami pang kakaining bigas yang c loma..paluma na nga e..

    ronnel paranronnel paranPred mesiacom
  • Mag Kaiba talaga kasi si lomachenko takot sa mga hard hitter, round 7 si lomachenko laging tumatakbo sa Laban nila ni Lopez. Pano nalang kaya kung si pacquiao kalaban ni lomachenko? Hahaha

    Harold ButtonHarold ButtonPred mesiacom
    • Malamang tulog xa...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Cora AldeaCora AldeaPred mesiacom
    • madami syang pina quit na boxers pero kay pacman siguradong its quit sya or the corner stop the fight!! hahaha

      Utoy2309Utoy2309Pred mesiacom
  • Bagong subscriber kuya! Suportahan po natin ang ating kababayan.

    Nel PNel PPred mesiacom
  • sa labang Loma at Lopez. Lopez is as slow as hell, but Loma can't handle the hard punches, he ran. Loma can't use his gayly speed because he is too weak compare to Lopez. It means that Loma's previous opponents are nobodies.

    sc cssc csPred mesiacom
  • Pacman can take punch, fearless

    Alejandro rubionAlejandro rubionPred mesiacom
  • Pacman continue to go up in his division knowing that all 7 division is not his real division and pacman fight toe to toe not running in a single opponent so goodluck MG 🤣 but for Lopez be humble. Siguro kung d natalo ni marquez c pacman galit parin yn c robert Garcia yung galit nya napaltan na ng hanga ngayon

    ChilliwaR ZneRChilliwaR ZneRPred mesiacom
  • Loma lose now the hit vs pacquiao is over.. No body will put his money on loma now even if he fight pac..its over.😩

    NeW KinGNeW KinGPred mesiacom
  • Loma is nothing to manny pac . Manny is different level w/loma manny is the greatest of all time no doubt

    Alahmmad MmadAlahmmad MmadPred mesiacom
  • Cge ipagkumpara pa si Loma. Hnd nga nkaporma si lomachenko sa 23 yrs old na rising star. Puro defense ginawa haha. K. O Lang aabutin mo Loma or mggya ka Kay Mayweather na ttakbo lng

    John AlotaJohn AlotaPred mesiacom
  • nice

    kalmado morales rubiakalmado morales rubiaPred mesiacom
  • Lopez nga lng.. Hahaha..

    Alex jr BelloAlex jr BelloPred mesiacom
  • Di talaga magkalevel kaya ng nabubwisit ako na ito ang Pound for Pound king, katulad na lang ng kakatapos na laban di man lang nagpakita ng superiority sa mas dehadong kalaban na si Lopez. Parang takot lumaban.

    F RonquilloF RonquilloPred mesiacom
    • Pacquiao Di mu makikitaan na parang binubug bug lng sya. Tapos. Si loma. Grabe mag reserva NG energy. Takot mapagod hahha. Kaya round 8 na nkipag suntukan. Hindi nia pala kaya si Manny sa energy

      Jayjay LayusoJayjay LayusoPred mesiacom
  • Bubugbogin lang ni Pac to Si Loma. After ng laban ni Loma kay Lopez kita ko weakness nya e pressure fighter. Mas mabilis at mas malakas si Pac kay Lopez.

    DJ BuenaventuraDJ BuenaventuraPred mesiacom
  • nagmukhang magaling lng si loma sa pro boxing ka c wla na man xang nakakatapat n magaling talaga na boxer n may bilis ng paa ,kamay at malakas sumuntok.

    Renante LedesmaRenante LedesmaPred mesiacom
  • Talo si lomachenko kay lopez😅😅

    raymond batocaelraymond batocaelPred mesiacom
    • Lomachenko 🐔

      Hoss DelgadoHoss DelgadoPred mesiacom
  • Lomachenko getting KOed by the new Hands of Stone

    Hoss DelgadoHoss DelgadoPred mesiacom

    Dom KaminariDom KaminariPred mesiacom
  • Nice discuss clean and clear👊🖒 at dahil jan napa subc. Mo ko👏

    Ramos HerwinRamos HerwinPred mesiacom
  • Lomanchenko no.1 pound for pound pota tapos pagdating ky pacquiao umiwas na. Si pacman nung pound for pound king. Kahit walang iniwasan. Loma and gayweather is a cherry picker boxer.

    Cornelio DimaangayCornelio DimaangayPred mesiacom
    • pwede nmn sila maglaban...puntahan ni pacquiao si loma sa lightweight

      crazy_ ghost40crazy_ ghost40Pred mesiacom
  • Pag kakalabanin mo si Pacman dapat sya din kunin mo sparring partner.

    Harold ArceoHarold ArceoPred mesiacom
    • Hahaha tama!

      Romwel TaganileRomwel TaganilePred 9 dňami
    • Absolutely...

      Zosimo NaneaZosimo NaneaPred mesiacom
    • Hahhahaha kasi walang katulad hahaha

      Mark Toledana tvMark Toledana tvPred mesiacom
  • Ml oa more

    Jesselyn PangilinanJesselyn PangilinanPred mesiacom
  • kAhit 40 si Pacquiao matutulog padin yan si Loma takot lang kasi tlga gigil si Pacyaw jan e wlang respect sabihan daw b kc matanda na ayaw lang lumaban syang

    kamoteseedlesskamoteseedlessPred mesiacom
  • Manny Pacquiao is the only boxer near his weight na kinatatakutan niya. Puwede sana silang magsalubong sa 140 lbs pero alam niya, hindi siya mananalo kay Pacman.., sa speed, power, strenght footwork among others. Comparing Lopez to the one & only 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao is bullshit. Loma will kick his ass come fight night.

    Ricardo DomingoRicardo DomingoPred mesiacom
    • Binalikan ku talaga ang comment na tu, tol napanood mu ba kung panu binugbug yung lomachenko nyu? Hahahaha takot tumapon nang suntok, nagimbal kasi sa lakas nang suntok ni Lopez hahaha

      Benjo SalgadoBenjo SalgadoPred mesiacom
    • sabi nya ayaw nya lumaban kay pacman dahil old na at malaki daw si pacman, atshka ayaw niya umakyat ng timbang ,pero tinanong sya sa intervuew ok lang skanya makalaban nya si floyd ? hahahah aba'y magulo din ano?

      12Midnight Story12Midnight StoryPred mesiacom
    • Same height lng naman cla, naalala ko sabi nya ayaw nya makatapat c manny kc nga old na daw and malaki sknya. Pero Kng tutuusin magkasing tangkad lng cla, pede cla sa 140lbs which is mas nakakatakot na pacman ang makikita un ang natural na timbang nya eh.. pero kudos nmn kay loma grabe respeto nya kay pacman minsan kc ung social media ang ngbibigay ng ibang kahulugan s mga cnsabi ng fighter.

      Lukaswish41 NowitzkiLukaswish41 NowitzkiPred mesiacom
  • Lopez Sr sinabe d hamak Ng magaling daw un anak nya Kay Pac-Man Ng 100beses pa.ang lakas dn Ng kahanginan Ng Tao to.pati un anak

    One PilipinasOne PilipinasPred mesiacom
    • Ung tatay niya lang nagyayabang. Pero idol ni Lopez jr si pacman

      Clark Jasper LaysicoClark Jasper LaysicoPred mesiacom
    • Nagppapansin lang yun

      Articles Of WarArticles Of WarPred mesiacom
  • *Being the true GOAT of boxing in Manny Pacquiao, means, you're on your own level and everyone else is beneath you. Truth! Loma is bigger that pac and pac continues to dominate the welterweight division, 2 divisions above his........ and he's freakin' 42 years old!!!!!*

    FreeThinkerFreeThinkerPred mesiacom
    • @JM haha , naniniwala kba na natalo ni mayweather si pacman ? Sa judjest talo xa pero sa mata ng tao panalo xa kita naman na lamang na lamang c pacman ano kaba !! Kay marquez naman,hindi ibig sabihin nun na malakas na si marquez kaysa kay pacman . oo na k.o nya alng si pacman pero kita naman nung laban na kawawa tlga si marquez kay pacman . na chambahan lang tlga w/kasama tapak ng paa ni pacman sa huling sigundo ng round .

      Its me E S Q U I V E LIts me E S Q U I V E LPred 26 dňami
    • @Its me E S Q U I V E L possibly but he needs to beat floyd maywether and marquez, which is highly unlikely kasi baka mag stay retired na yung dalawa. kahit matalo pa niya si spence or kung sino man he will always have an aestrisk na Marquez knocked him out and floyd made easy work of him. What every ur opinion of those two fights are it does not matter the decision was final with alot of people believing that FLoyd actually dominated him. In order to be the Goat he atleast needs to win against floyd, marquez and kung sino man kay crawford and spence.

      JMJMPred 27 dňami
    • @Yesu Dree Never talaga. But im just saying na the majority thinks Muhammad ali and sugar ray robinson is the GOAT. para sa pinoy pacquiao ang GOAT pero we are not the majority. And aslong na hindi tayo na sa majority then we cannot say Manny is the Goat

      JMJMPred 27 dňami
    • @Test Droid bat puro amerika ang sinasabi mo. Tanugin mo mga mexicano, puerto rican, cubans and yung mga ibang bansa na magagaling sa boxing puro ali and robinson. Stats basehan mo?? if thats the case Bill russell and wilt chamberlain is the Goat because they had the most championship wins and stats? yes alam ko walang kinalaman ang baketball dito pero same logic siya. Hindi lang stats and awards. Yung impact ng boxer sa boxing history and yung mga kinalaban niya na competition. Ali and Robinson faced the best of the best. Walang caliber na kalaban si manny na kasing galing nila foreman and fraizier plus Ali had the best impact of every boxer. sabayan mo yung records and the fact na he never Got knocked out. Im not saying na si manny has no chance of being the Goat pero malabo ganun ka impactful si muhammad ali.

      JMJMPred 27 dňami
    • @JM At isa pa ha. Kung titingnan mo mga links mo sa mga top 10 GOAT, karamihan sila Amerikano diba? At sino sino ang nagbibigay ng awards na GOAT, fighter of the year, fighter of the decade, etc... diba mga taga Amerika? 🤔😏 Sege sabihin mo, walang bias yun?

      Test DroidTest DroidPred mesiacom
  • Haba ng intro sayang oras

    Mack FloresMack FloresPred mesiacom
  • Pacman is much more speed and power compare to loma scared chenco. It means pacman level is very superior and unique. Truly special fighter.

    Enrique FernandoEnrique FernandoPred mesiacom
    • @crazy_ ghost40 then Loma shud have started being a master tactician in round 1 and not round 7. Master starts at round 1. Matrix, dubunked🥊😎🥊

      AkioAkioPred 29 dňami
    • @FM The GOAT pupugutan kitang GOAT ka gagawin kitang kalderita🐐🖕😂

      jamesandrew magallonjamesandrew magallonPred mesiacom
    • @FM The GOAT kung bano si manny eh ano ka? Ikaw nga tindero lng sa talipapa tapos wala pang napapatunayan sa buhay edi ibig sabihin mas bano ka? Ikaw ang pinaka bano sa lahat ng bano🖕🤣

      jamesandrew magallonjamesandrew magallonPred mesiacom
    • Hihi kung mapapansin ang laban Hangang 7 round kay teofilo. Alam nio kung bakit. Nag rereserva sya ng energy nia. Takot din syang ma ubusan. Not like manny since round 1 pumuputok. Hangang 12 round. Kaya ang layu pala tlga nila kay manny. Pina hype lang tlga cla.

      Jayjay LayusoJayjay LayusoPred mesiacom
    • @FM The GOAT its literally like this in every pacquiao or mayweather video LMAO

      power nap25power nap25Pred mesiacom
  • Laban ni Pacquiao ang mga content ng Indonesian #Elang Eagle, million2x ang mga views, talo tayo.

    Narciso Jr TirandoNarciso Jr TirandoPred mesiacom
    • Anong channel sir?

      PaoloPaoloPred mesiacom
    • Xempre mas marami ang mga indonesian viewers. Natural milyon talga.

      Cherry PickfotosCherry PickfotosPred mesiacom
  • Subscribed!

    kendikit paraskendikit parasPred mesiacom
  • Pacman best fighter ever

    twintyone Guntwintyone GunPred mesiacom
  • Iba talaga s loma pinipili ang kalaban. Ang malalakas may karanasan ayaw labanan.

    Rey Joey QuilloyRey Joey QuilloyPred mesiacom
  • Robert Garcia know, the level of pacman, dami ng boxer ni Garcia pinatumba ni pacman

    Elmer CayanesElmer CayanesPred mesiacom
    • @John christopher Corrales ,haha oo nga pala, hinde pala, pang pinoy, pero okay lng anjan namn kau, na nanood din 😂😂😂

      Elmer CayanesElmer CayanesPred 28 dňami
    • Hahaha ikaw lang magtagalog sa comment section HAHAHAHA

      John christopher CorralesJohn christopher CorralesPred 28 dňami
    • Dapat english lahat hahahahaha

      Dave LatorreDave LatorrePred mesiacom
  • “It’s hard to get ready for Manny Pacquiao, because you can’t find sparring partners that fight like Pacquiao,” “Who are you going to find? Are you going to get [Vasiliy] Lomachenko as a sparring partner? He’s probably not as good as Pacquiao was in his prime. You can’t match the sparring.” Vasiliy Lomachenko is an amazing talent, but he’s not as fast on his feet or with his hands as Manny. There aren’t any lefties like Pacquiao “You can find lefties, but you can’t find them that jump from one place to another and are fast,” “Like Brandon [Rios] said, it was light eight fighters hitting him at the same time. You can’t find those type of fighters. Yes, it is harder to get ready for Pacquiao.

    One2Combo.PilipinasOne2Combo.PilipinasPred mesiacom
    • @FM The GOAT tae

      Marco TalayMarco TalayPred 28 dňami
    • @FM The GOAT hahaha. We'll see. Boxing fans know who is the greatest runner. I'd rather hear what the boxing experts says than from a flomo. Enjoy your zero. Be a boxing fan sometimes so it's not obvious 😜🥊🥊😜.. Boring fights..

      AkioAkioPred 29 dňami
    • @FM The GOAT good! Great! Will see after 10-20yrs from now whose legacy & fights (not boring) will be remembered. Jab, hug, elbow, run (repeat) 😴😴💤💤💤😴😴

      AkioAkioPred 29 dňami
    • @FM The GOAT sure! hahaha. 8div champ. Let your boxer submit his resume 🥊🏃‍♂️🐐🏃‍♂️🥊

      AkioAkioPred 29 dňami
    • it's easy, hire pacquiao himself as the sparring partner! lol

      king phoenixking phoenixPred mesiacom