The Mysterious Poisoned Pill Murders

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The incidents depicted happened 35 years ago. Johnson & Johnson has since introduced safety measures which have set the industry standard and established the company as a model for safety.
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  • He talks abt quarantine 3 years ago now we are in COVID that joke didn’t go well

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  • hey, how come this video doesn't have subtitles? most of the other unsolved videos are captioned.

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  • Janus what a name

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  • I've heard from a murder episode that most people can't smell cyanide, and if that's true, it's amazing that that guy or those guys could smell it. In this episode I saw, the coroner was investigating a weird death, and it was just by chance that someone came in and was like, "what smells like almonds?"

    Indoor Orchids and TropicalsIndoor Orchids and TropicalsPred dňom
  • Ummmm you can make potassium cyanide out of potassium carbonate so......

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  • I'd just like to point out the factg that Stanley Janus was 25 when his WIFE was 19. I mean its legal but weird to think that they could have/probably dated when Theresa was in Highschool thus a minor when Stanley was an adult man.

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  • Kazinski was a bomber not a poisoner

    Amy jo JinkersonAmy jo JinkersonPred 2 dňami
  • 15:04 I decided to do the math on the bottle count the note gives, even though it wasn't legit. If the note was legit though, he would've been able to do more than 144 bottles in a day.

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  • omg iam scared

  • Lewis in his wife are Sus to me for sure

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  • Funny thing, I just stumbled upon this video after watching a Sherlock Holmes episode that was called “A Study In Pink” and it was about , well, poisoned pill murders.

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  • Actually almonds smell like cyanide

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  • theresa was stanley janus' wife, huh? best case scenario they started dating when she was 18 and he was 24. kinda weird imo. worst case she was like 16 and he was 22, or 15 and 21? gross.

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  • If the pills smelled like almonds, u should immediately know something's off Like when in history has medicine smelled nice, that too with a nice nut like almond Almond's are so fricken expensive, no one would make reg Asprin out almonds

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  • I just realized at 4:43 Ryan predicted the events, just 3 years ago

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  • the fact that 3/7 victims are from the same family is weird but 3 Mary’s died on the same day too

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  • Cyanide does not actually smell like the smell we associate with almonds. Bitter almonds are a special type of almond that contains cyanide and smells a little like chemicaly bleachy water. Nilered made a video on this if anyone’s curious

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  • Stanley was 25 and Theresa was 19. Am I the only one seeing this?

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  • That was just Russian roulette right there, seeing who gets the poisoned bottles and who doesn’t

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  • Wall-e is not just a movie about a cute little innocent robot love story. It's predicting the future! Wall-e is showing us what earth will look like a couple of years from now. Find out more here:

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  • Catch me in the library reading the latest edition of How to Crime

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