The Puzzling Case of Marilyn and Sam Sheppard

Watch the new and 7th season of BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime! A woman is found dead in her home, with her husband as the only possible witness and suspect. Is he guilty, or is he another victim of terrible circumstance?
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  • Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!

    BuzzFeed Unsolved NetworkBuzzFeed Unsolved NetworkPred 7 mesiacmi
    • white vented

      Anjuta PanjutaAnjuta PanjutaPred 13 dňami
    • My question is, why haven't you done skinwalker canyon ?? 🤔🤔

      ValValPred 2 mesiacmi
    • Was this shot just before the covid kicked off big time?

      Sean DoranSean DoranPred 3 mesiacmi
    • Those two look rough, doing alright?

      Amos PerryAmos PerryPred 3 mesiacmi
    • Guys, I really think you should do an episode of the death of Paulette (mexico) it was weird, suspiciously handled, the whole country found out and there is a Netflix documentary

      Rosemary BelladonnaRosemary BelladonnaPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Wouldn't the handy man still be charged for theft

    Nerdy HumanNerdy HumanPred 7 hodinami
  • 16:00

    Anavah EndrissAnavah EndrissPred 9 hodinami
  • Is this the flash

    Shucky ducky Quack quackShucky ducky Quack quackPred 14 hodinami
  • what if sam said “the white form smelt like cottage cheese”

    Cole JoCole JoPred dňom
  • I think that Marilyn was having an affair with the mayors wife, and she was like "bro, ditch your husband" and Marilyn didn't want to. So death.

    Claire FazelClaire FazelPred dňom
  • And Quote...

    Yo It you bestie poYo It you bestie poPred dňom
  • neurosurgeon to wrestler?? what does shane think about neurosurgeon to sorcerer supreme?

    Caleb RossowCaleb RossowPred dňom
  • Idk why I care but its Bologna not Boloney . Lmfao

    Luna B SaraLuna B SaraPred 2 dňami
  • 14:25 Shane definitely watched that episode of unus annus

    Christian SmithChristian SmithPred 2 dňami
    • memento mori

      Anavah EndrissAnavah EndrissPred 9 hodinami
  • It was eberling idc

    ZanzeyboyZanzeyboyPred 2 dňami
  • Judge Blythin has the same pic as Marty Smartt's therapist in the Keddie episode. On a binge and noticed lol

    Julian KellyJulian KellyPred 3 dňami
  • 0:20 is there a person behind the door there?

    Neeharika KatragaddaNeeharika KatragaddaPred 3 dňami
  • What if it was there son, Chip the whole time? he was also in the house at that time and maybe Sam made up the part with the beach to cover for his son? It's crazy but still something to think about.

    Ethan R HartEthan R HartPred 3 dňami
    • he was a child, like a five year old I think

      Anavah EndrissAnavah EndrissPred 9 hodinami
  • Seeing Ryan's hair reminds me of my elementary school days just waking up to get to school so that I could have my breakfast lol 🥴 Ps. Am from India and here it's like a dope thing if you could eat food even when the teacher is teaching the class but I be eating my classmates food which they got for lunch 🤪🤣

    Srijib BiswasSrijib BiswasPred 3 dňami
  • These videos make me want to be a forensic scientist even more

    SkyLine AnimationsSkyLine AnimationsPred 4 dňami
  • I hate being from around everything bad in Ohio

    Asantai TaylorAsantai TaylorPred 4 dňami
  • 🧢

    Billy SmithBilly SmithPred 4 dňami
  • I'm binging these at night and I'm VERY SCARED.

    aditya singhaditya singhPred 4 dňami
  • “Oooh! A phantom has entered my home!” 😭😂😭

    JennaPlotJennaPlotPred 4 dňami
  • wait- dr shepherd the neurosurgeon? time to go watch season 17

    Rebecca WhiteRebecca WhitePred 4 dňami
  • Watching the video, I almost thought the husband had a split personality and because your other personality remembers things that it did and you dont remember, the dude forgot he did it. So his mind made up the form to show it was his other personality.

    Mahmud MiahMahmud MiahPred 4 dňami
  • I love how calm Shane is haha lol

    Alex StenAlex StenPred 4 dňami
  • At around 19:00 I refused to believe this case is unsolved, THE EVIDENCE ALL THERE

    Juice MelonJuice MelonPred 5 dňami
  • 22:22 or splitting contractions like "didnt" into "did not" for word count ones

    the meeperthe meeperPred 5 dňami
  • Is anyone still uncomfortable by that masked person in the back especially since hes closer now😣

    LenaLenaPred 5 dňami
  • So no one thought this ring name was a lil sus “ killer”

    DroppedOBS 92DroppedOBS 92Pred 5 dňami
  • I find it interesting that when Sam called the mayor he said "they" and not something like "somebody" or "someone". Using "they" implies that he knew the murderer and/or that there were more than one. But it can also just be a loss of words in a state of shock or not really thinking what he is saying

    Yeesus Help MeYeesus Help MePred 5 dňami
    • I think he meant they as in he was in shock and want thinking right and thought it was somebody form the party.

      C0135C0135Pred 4 dňami
  • I think it was Giant foot light version

    PAULPAULPred 5 dňami
  • 15:33 this entire bit had me in tears what the hell is going on

    charlotte !!charlotte !!Pred 5 dňami
  • Oh man i hate your conversation.. You people just ruin the mood of listening to a serious crime.. You 2 sucks

    Tasnuva Ahmed EshaTasnuva Ahmed EshaPred 6 dňami
  • Safe and sound

    Tatsuo M.W. NakataTatsuo M.W. NakataPred 6 dňami
  • wait the guys last name is shepherd and he’s a neurosurgeon...DEREK SHEPERD WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE

    stell inezstell inezPred 6 dňami
  • Seeing people sit so close to each looks just weird now.

    sixmiffedysixmiffedyPred 6 dňami
  • I think he killed his wife. Why wouldn't the killer kill him as well like he had plenty of chances to. Why only kill the man's wife? He had a motive and had plenty of time to get rid of evidence and come up with a story. Also crimes like this where they're severely beaten it's most likely someone she knew. I just dont believe his story.

    starstream64starstream64Pred 7 dňami
  • Do the Evelyn Hartley case, you guys!!!

    Aldissimo424Aldissimo424Pred 7 dňami
    • oh my god i want them to cover this one so bad

      charlotte !!charlotte !!Pred 5 dňami
  • The "white form" could a been because of where he was hit his brain not remembering the right details or his vision getting screwed up.

    Amelia RoseAmelia RosePred 7 dňami
  • I love this channel.. but every time the story stops Nd the two dudes start talking, I get pissed..😤😡

    Mr.3 MuchMr.3 MuchPred 7 dňami
  • Me - *You need to watch Buzzfeed Unsolved, they make really creepy content* Shane - *Jurassic Park*. *Is it Jurassic Park?*

    MMPred 7 dňami
  • Damn these are distant relatives of mine ..

    census versecensus versePred 8 dňami
  • 16:05 This is a time stamp for future me so I can get to my favorite part.

    Dr. Ellie!Dr. Ellie!Pred 8 dňami
  • 15:29 I actually know the answer to this! Way back when, it was common for people to actually wake up for about an hour or so in the middle of the night. They'd read, chat, maybe have something to drink (and, yes, have sex). Then they'd go back to sleep. These are based off of historical writings from different authors and it's been a topic of discussion for sleep studies. So the neighbors being awake in the middle of the night isn't that strange in context.

    Hunter WebsterHunter WebsterPred 8 dňami
  • You know this kinda reminds me of the flash

    Maricarmen BravoMaricarmen BravoPred 8 dňami
  • Dude "lost his shirt", it was probably covered with blood, so it was kind of convenient that the "white figure" stole it. And his watch was probably bloody too, since he used the surgeon tools.

    OceanOceanPred 8 dňami
  • Among us vibe.

    Jackson CamaniaJackson CamaniaPred 8 dňami
  • selfreport

    Nyck A.Nyck A.Pred 9 dňami
  • Did either of them forget to comb their hair after waking up from a nap?

    houchi69houchi69Pred 9 dňami
  • ok before i say this i haven't finished the video, i just dont want to loose my train of thought so sorry if they cover this! - i feel like they should have done,.,.,/.,/., b lood stuff to make sure it was marilyns blood on sams stuff, not some randoms u know? (this sounded better in my head dammit)

    Eeva REeva RPred 9 dňami
  • people at that time woke up for an hour in the middle of the night

    DavidDavidPred 9 dňami
  • I saw a ring doorbell when she close the door

    Donye McCallDonye McCallPred 9 dňami
  • I went to a camp about crime stuff,and we spent an entire day going over this case. We watched videos about it,looked at pictures, and filled a few huge pieces of paper with evidence for different suspects. We were never able to get a definitive answer. Every time we thought we had enough to prove someone was the killer, we would get new evidence. It was really interesting to do.

    Dr. Ellie!Dr. Ellie!Pred 9 dňami
  • The video is very amazing and very action

    Luka VinchenzoLuka VinchenzoPred 9 dňami
  • Maybe the 4 month pregnancy was due to infidelity?

    Tomas GarciaTomas GarciaPred 9 dňami
  • 19:39 "could only have been perpetuated by a woman" oof, "perpetrated"

    Max McCoyMax McCoyPred 10 dňami
  • we need nico di angelo or klaus hargreeve for these types of cases

    Sara PihlajaSara PihlajaPred 10 dňami
  • That’s how a neurosurgeon would murder his wife

    Racks FaxRacks FaxPred 10 dňami
  • is it just me or is it a bit sus of shepard to make his wrestler name "Killer" of all things

    big ol‘ dumbassbig ol‘ dumbassPred 10 dňami
  • Do they do some dna test to the baby in her belly though whose son is it

    mehr.mehr.Pred 11 dňami
  • this is among us in a nutshell lol.

    Michelle CrawfordMichelle CrawfordPred 11 dňami
  • There's alot holes in the case, that make me think theres more to the story.

    Magic RabbitMagic RabbitPred 11 dňami
  • Did Sam seriously name his wrestler name "Killer"? Kinda ironic ngl

    Bre4chedBoiBre4chedBoiPred 11 dňami
  • "what about us?" -Ryan "No! You?" - Shane (Clears throat) "No..." -Ryan 🤔🤭😆😂🤣

    Chummy WigglerChummy WigglerPred 11 dňami
  • Why that white form din't have blood on his/her body? Very strange it is that Sheppard described the killer as "a white form" not "a person wearing white attire"!!! And, who called up Mayor at 5:30 am saying that "They might have killed the Sheppards"???

    Zerin SadiaZerin SadiaPred 11 dňami
  • The Great Escape The

    Tim GagnonTim GagnonPred 11 dňami
  • As a wrestler, he created the nerve hold called the Mandible Claw, which was later made famous by Mick Foley, aka Mankind.

    Jason Garfield BardyJason Garfield BardyPred 11 dňami
  • This man pulled a self-report

    Beep BeepBeep BeepPred 11 dňami
  • Shane looks like a "I Just Woke Up" office worker that survives off caffeine.

    Big King RyanBig King RyanPred 12 dňami
  • 15:59 thank me later

    spookibbyspookibbyPred 12 dňami
  • "it's called a sky burial and I want the vultures to eat me"

    Emilee PakosinskiEmilee PakosinskiPred 12 dňami
  • I got the movie as soon as he said neurosurgeon Also the sequel to the fugitive to US marshalls, it has tommy lee jones and its pretty good

    James FiddlerJames FiddlerPred 12 dňami
  • It's not Dr Samuel Shepherd it's Dr Samuel Hayden also you cannot shoot a hole into the surface of Mars.

    ultimate doomerultimate doomerPred 12 dňami
  • Maybe Shane can get his wish of knowing the mayor when Ricky Goldsworth fulfills his duties and takes over a small town!

    Lauren PacurickLauren PacurickPred 12 dňami
    • Shane met the mayor in Solvang on the watcher channel

      Dark SummerDark SummerPred 9 dňami
  • Ryan is hilarious I couldn’t get get through the rest of the video after that fake 911 call

    Sharon DawsonSharon DawsonPred 12 dňami
  • This episode literally defeats the whole purpose of their name.

    BrokenPS2BrokenPS2Pred 12 dňami
  • Hmmmm.

    Bunny MadBunny MadPred 13 dňami
  • The wrestler name really doesn't help in the public eye

    Gage DallasGage DallasPred 13 dňami
  • Shane: You're a doctor! Ryan: 😃 Shane: You killed your wife Ryan: 😔 Best banter ever. I love Ryan's sad cute face when Shane said he killed his wife

    Hamidah AlatasHamidah AlatasPred 13 dňami
  • Thought that was the guy from hot ones in the thumbnail

    Travis RicchezzaTravis RicchezzaPred 13 dňami
  • There are literal prison cemeteries. I can't recall any specific cases but I believe sometimes communities would bury criminals/murderers/etc. in their own area because "we don't want to be associated with them." Also media frenzy, infamous murderers get unmarked graves to keep the loonies away and keep the murder cult numbers down.

    TealWolf26TealWolf26Pred 13 dňami
  • Ryan: "And became the basis for a famous for a Hollywood blockbuster." Shane: "Jurassic Park?" Me: sounds about right

    muffin topsmuffin topsPred 13 dňami
  • What happened? I started watching this earlier and was waiting until I got home to continue watching it. I come back to it and it's been removed?? WTF!! are you going to upload it again?

    Wayne CampbellWayne CampbellPred 14 dňami
  • Why does Shane have a biker mustache in this video? I know Ryan said, "weird mustache" at one point in the video but it isn't weird it's a biker mustache.

    Allison HelgersAllison HelgersPred 14 dňami
  • 7 pm is a dinner time???????????????

    Shahd MoatazShahd MoatazPred 14 dňami
  • But my question is why didn’t they question anyone that was at the party? I know this maybe far fetched but like maybe one of them some how was still in the house at the time of the murder. Like one of them hid somewhere so they could kill her. Especially since they said the neighborhood was very friendly. I don’t know if this makes sense but that’s just where my mind goes

    Heather St. JohnHeather St. JohnPred 14 dňami
  • Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!

    Edna SeftickEdna SeftickPred 14 dňami
  • Sam sheppard also fought 40 matches in his wrestling career and created a move called the mandible claw in wrestling thought that was cool enough to mention and you left it out

    ArgonautArgonautPred 15 dňami
  • Shane: "I'd love to know the mayor" Me: the mayor in my town is my uncle LMAO

    keepingupwithkindrakeepingupwithkindraPred 15 dňami
  • "A jealous killer is a woman." Every single man who's committed uxoricide: 😳😳

    Ashley SpratlinAshley SpratlinPred 15 dňami
  • The devil is here send God best joke ofWhatever the year it is it’s 2021 I’m writing this I mean 2020

    My existence is SomethingMy existence is SomethingPred 15 dňami
  • Ryan's unkempt hair is distracting

    August DentonAugust DentonPred 15 dňami
  • I gotta say, right when Sam mentioned being hit on the back of his neck I was like "this guy's innocent" idk why... that just did it for me

    Cameron BabaCameron BabaPred 15 dňami
  • we need an episode of buzzfeed solved, where they review a case that has been solved, look over suspects and try to predict whodunnit, and then reveal the killer at the end.

    DevynDevynPred 16 dňami
  • shane: forensics sucks me who is writing an autopsy repot based on some random case for fun: O_O

    MoxieMoxiePred 16 dňami
  • Me planning to be a forensic scientist: 👁👄👁

    Julianna MiracJulianna MiracPred 16 dňami
  • These two look like they just woke up LOL LOL LOL

    Anonymous 12Anonymous 12Pred 16 dňami
  • 24:05 my Freemason great grandfather: ☺️🌸✨🧚🏻‍♀️💅🏻

    MeganMeganPred 16 dňami
  • @14:43 Shane reminded me of Dr. Brennan from bones

    Amalia Gabriela Carreiro LopesAmalia Gabriela Carreiro LopesPred 17 dňami
  • He actually said "bipedal form"

    PsychoMom 1227PsychoMom 1227Pred 17 dňami
  • Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!

    Tom ReaTom ReaPred 17 dňami
  • This story seems awfully similar to American murder family next door

    Isabella WhitsonIsabella WhitsonPred 17 dňami