This is Guatemala

A documentary about several places and people in and near Chocola Guatemala.




  • You failed to highlight the fact that in primitive societies child bearing is primary . Put aside your gospel of victimhood ; use the lense of anthropology in the objective assessment Of a society

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  • awesome, greetings from Tristan 🇹🇦

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  • nice

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  • GOD BLESS GUATEMALA I will keep praying for change positive change amen in Jesus name

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  • Wow! This just remained me to appreciate what I have and no take it for granted. God bless all this hard working people and people who help them. Also this tells us that hard work will take you places ,if you a hard worker you will succeed every where you go.

    gustavo jolongustavo jolonPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I love the logic at 27:08 pure genius 👏

    Randall JamesRandall JamesPred 5 mesiacmi
  • Guatemala has enough problems, lets not fill their heads with nonsense like gender equality

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  • I hate that narrorator ladie. We don't need you, get out of here!

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  • God bless latinamerica

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  • I lived with the Guatemalans for two years. I meant not like living a tourist in more upper-class housing. I lived among the people and some of the poorest sections of the country. This experience has helped me to understand more about myself. Live within one's own means, not everyone needs an iPhone. The people and country are full of culture and vibrant events. Semana Santa is a big event and very colorful. The crime there is no joke.

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  • Acordate ke la mujer mordio la manzana. Eve ate the apple honey sorry

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  • My mom is adopted from Guatemala and i am 50%🇬🇹 and 50% 🇸🇪

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  • Wonderful video! Thank you for posting. :-)

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  • This country will never develop! Unless the government decided someone with the iron hands that can grip all the rats and corrupted rats police personnel. If you want change put the country in emergency President rule and weed out all the rats from the country and start all over the country.

    Raman NgasoringRaman NgasoringPred 11 mesiacmi
  • My fiance is from Quatamala and our three children are beautiful. I love her so much and thank God she's here in America with me 🙏

    Charles GeretyCharles GeretyPred 11 mesiacmi
    • My husband is as well. They’re the most amazing people!

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    • @Tempe401 she is extremely respectful. Unlike not all but many American women. Some are good however

      Charles GeretyCharles GeretyPred 8 mesiacmi
    • They are loyal women!

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  • Me gustaria adoptar un niño para enviarle articulos escolares productos de hygiene comida enlatada

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  • My eyes are open I did not know of the hardship Guatemalans experience

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  • Many thanks for the volunteer medical teams that go out and help others in far-away lands. -Cheers from Canada

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  • Dang my country is beautiful

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  • Melissa is literally perfect

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  • I have starved in the US. Please, I and my parents are USC. .Charity Starts At Home.

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  • I am 17ans never knee my father, he waa depoeted ans was from Guatamala. My mom tells me of him but she says he was Mayan and spoke kiche. I have know idea what either are but im trying to leaen. I am half Navajo and half guatamalen. This was very educational and im glad i stumbled upon this video. Hopefully someday I will see him again, but this is not likely.

    Calista Vicente-BradleyCalista Vicente-BradleyPred rokom
    • There are 21 or 22 mayan language i speak kanjobal mayan language im was born here and 🇺🇸 and my family is 🇬🇹

      J.TJ.TPred 7 mesiacmi

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  • Bien Trabajo!!!!!!!!! :)))))))

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  • I dont get how they can go hungry with all that fertile nature arround them.

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    • Too

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    • We do lazy bro

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  • Yesterday in my shop came an elderly lady who told me her afwul life story!!! Her daughter was kidnapped years ago in Guatemala. She cried a lot, her hair went gray white. She lost pounds and she is devastated inside. She had to come to Switzerland in order to survive and give a better life to her grandson. What a sad story.... Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico are devastated by narco- cartels and mobs only because of money and power....Shame on rich countries too such as : Switzerland, The UK, Germany, the USA because there live drug users mostly IN SWITZERLAND EVERY YEAR PEOPLE USE 5 TONES OF COCAINE. BECAUSE OF THEM OUR WORLD IS GOING TO ITS END!

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  • I thought this was a parody of this is America

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  • Stop ,...FU**KING making more.. That's the 1st thing yall need to do....DAMMM....!!!!!

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  • I wish Donald Trump watch this video as well as all american people, so they understand why central americans risk their lifes to emigrate to USA. No walls can stop these people to try. It's not about if is illegal or not crossing the border without proper documentations. It's about survival. I am asking you, (whoever reads this). Wouldn't you give it try?

    Enio PereiraEnio PereiraPred rokom
  • Thank you to everyone that help my people.

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  • Que verguenza para mi pais y sus lideres políticos.

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  • Dijo Guatemala o la india

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  • Thanks. :)

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  • Title letters in the screen is 📺 difficult to read on..because of that white shades..

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  • I love guate tortillas. Yum!!

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  • I hate documentaries that show only this side of Guatemala and not all the good things we have. It makes everyone feel sorry for us. We don't need that, thank you. We have a powerful coin, the quetzal. A university paid by the state and one of the best of latin America, it's practically free. We have excellent doctors, lawyers, engenieers etc. and very intelligent and capable people. Millionaires of the most powerful of latin america. One of the best beers, excellent coffe, a premium rum, zacapa centenario. And we are one of the countries in central america that won the war against communism when others in central america fell. Don't feel sorry for us, we are a proud people, descendants of the mayan people, more powerful than any other native people from America. Our weaknes and underdevelpment in these areas is not due to lack of money, it's because of the uncontrolled corruption in the state. Politicians steal too much money and have no real interest in expandin education, technology and development. Thank you for the good comments, we are great US allies and followers of democracy and capitalism doctrine.

    Pablo CordonPablo CordonPred 2 rokmi
  • I was adopted from Guatemala, for all I knew my mother died from a disease that may have killed her after my Birth. I was adopted when I was only 5 months old, and I was brought to the US. I'm now 14 now, and I could never ask for a better life in Guatemala, but how much I want to help Guatemala thought and even visit there.

    Marlon DobsonMarlon DobsonPred 2 rokmi
    • yes Support where you are from you will learn a lot about who YOU ReaLly are Support Us Please??

      Aenwynn NaxxremisAenwynn NaxxremisPred mesiacom
    • Marlon Dobson me too! I was adopted at six months from Guatemala. I'm 14 now and I'm so grateful for my parents. As far as my biological parents, I don't really know anything about them. I want to go back and help my people

      Selene Rívas GarcíaSelene Rívas GarcíaPred 2 rokmi
  • I never understand why people feel bad for the people in my contrie . we are happy and proud of our self because we have our family beside us

    Emely duarteEmely duartePred 2 rokmi
  • I love my country,I wish soon I'm going to live there🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🌴🌴🌴🌴😘😘😘I pray to god bless my country🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    • yes PLEASE pray for us please

      Aenwynn NaxxremisAenwynn NaxxremisPred mesiacom
  • Meanwhile in Guatemala city the upperclass Guatemalan people live like kings.....

    Gipsy DeanGipsy DeanPred 2 rokmi
  • Hope he go to school and become a nurse at lease

    Jo PeartJo PeartPred 2 rokmi
  • I like to visit Dr, try more help of local regarding supply of some general medicine ...plz any body can fine Dr,Costillo address or cell number plz ..

    Syed AnwerSyed AnwerPred 2 rokmi

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  • 33:45 She deserves a *Nobel Price* ... when I get some serious cash I will share it to obtain her goals... he dicho!

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  • Interesting your documentary about some aspects of life in Guatemala totally ignored the indigenous peoples or Garifuna and Miskito peoples. Your focus like pretty much all documentary productions is on the campesinas. Did you produce any videos on these indigenous people who are also part of Guatemala's past, present and future or have you chosen to keep them hidden like the rest of the colonized society?

    TheSistaWarriorTheSistaWarriorPred 3 rokmi
  • My son is going to Guatemala to help build homes.

    Edna EllisEdna EllisPred 3 rokmi
  • Guatemalan WOMEN are the FUTURE!

    Felipe HernandezFelipe HernandezPred 3 rokmi
  • Hi I’m from Guatemala and I’m Living at nj usa and i wish. One day I could help translating people from my country .. I like community service .. cause i feel is the complement for my life . I used to do a lot of community service .. long time ago .. and i miss to do something . To help other people . Thanks to all the people who is helping my paisanos . And I don’t believe in god but I believe in love . Is not the same .

    Luis LopezLuis LopezPred 3 rokmi
  • Guatemala must recover its rich territory of Belice and get a multibillion euro's compensation from the criminal and pirate english monarchy... Kjell Eugenio Laugerud (son of Norwegian father and Guatemalan mother) presient of Guatemala between 1974-1978 was gping to invade Belice and recover it in 1976 but the tragic arthquake that killed over 23,000 Giatemala derailed his patriotic plans.. Kjell Eugenio Laugerud kept the Guatemalan currency the Quetzal above the US dollar.... Guatemala is the rich land of Jacobo Arbenz and Kjell Eugenio Laugerud... As a christian Catholic I say " God bless the men of good will"

    genius0173genius0173Pred 3 rokmi
  • As long as people have a fear of God and a good work ethic, they can raise themselves up to be prosperous. Lack of morals destroys a country due to the corruption that comes and high crime rates. When they have a free economy that allows those who work hard to make a profit, they will become more prosperous and opportunities will increase. God bless the hardworking people of Guatemala. Machisimo has destroyed much of the prosperity that this country could enjoy due to gangs and organized crime becoming predators of the honest God fearing people.

    horseman528horseman528Pred 3 rokmi
  • I am a Guatemalan born, came to the states when I was 12. And it seems like the land That saw me born, is calling me back. I some time help my pastor translate from Inglish to Spanish. I would like help someday.

    Eduardo BarrientosEduardo BarrientosPred 3 rokmi
    • Hey , I didn’t say I could write perfect English, I said I could translate. Sorry!

      Eduardo BarrientosEduardo BarrientosPred 3 rokmi
    • Inglish?

      Kevin ConnersKevin ConnersPred 3 rokmi
  • Hi mr.storey

    Jake TaylorJake TaylorPred 3 rokmi
  • Meanwhile the corrupt rulers fill the bags with money from the people and the people still do not learn to choose their rulers

    Byron SazoByron SazoPred 3 rokmi
  • pls dont show the side sad

    Milo PerezMilo PerezPred 3 rokmi
  • Hi. Just spent over 7 years in Guatemala. There are many poorer community than this one. Many do not have electricity to this day and no running water...

    Edmour GagnonEdmour GagnonPred 3 rokmi
    • yes, sir, I lived in a small rural countryside city called El Semillero, it's in the boonies. It was very quiet and nice just don't go out at night or your chances of getting robbed and killed are very high.

      Pepe LobosPepe LobosPred 7 mesiacmi
  • I love honey

    Leandro MendozaLeandro MendozaPred 3 rokmi
  • Unfortunately Guatemala is like a feudal plantation with the methods of a NAZI Concentration camp.. Great exemple of Democracy the US has implemented since 1954.. onwards with the help of the state of Israel .. Training The Military in US academy like " Fort Benning" or the School of America's too keep those people down in misery, that's the roots of illegal iinmigration to the US unfortunately...👎👊👊🙏

    Jacobt ThoronnJacobt ThoronnPred 3 rokmi
    • I believe what you say!

      Gipsy DeanGipsy DeanPred 2 rokmi
  • Guatemala is not the poorest country in the world you fucking idiot

    Josue MejiaJosue MejiaPred 3 rokmi
  • I'm​ Guatemalan and living inside the U.S. I was adopted at 3 months i want to be able to go home one day :(

    jeannejeannePred 3 rokmi
    • Glinkling Smearnops he probably won't want to stay. but who are you to criticize his desire to know where he comes from. jerk.

      Kristina ClarkKristina ClarkPred 2 rokmi
    • It can still happen! dont let Americana scare you away from your roots! Look up DESGUA, theyre working on a program for those of Guatemalan/Mayan descent to take a tour around Guate to learn the history, the culture and more, the program is called Roots Routes. dont sleep on this

      El MostroEl MostroPred 2 rokmi
    • Emma Riley why go back

      Jennifer GoleyJennifer GoleyPred 2 rokmi
    • Glinkling Smearnops See those type of people is what stupid son a a devils trump is calling, drug dealers, rapist, bad hombres, wow if only he could know what God will give him,the son of a devil will get hell for all he’s life, all he’s money will not do holocaust for his stupid actions against immigrants... I thing he will be course forever...!

      J CarlosJ CarlosPred 2 rokmi
    • Glinkling Smearnops Just because Guatemala isn’t the best country in the world it will always be apart of us and do I think god every that I am lucky to have a better life here in the U.S. Also, people are all entitled to their own opinions.

      Ally WaltonAlly WaltonPred 3 rokmi
  • Now I want to visit.. I hope Kayla is doing alright.. ✅🙂

    AcidGlowAcidGlowPred 3 rokmi
    • @Travis Miller Cool! It took roughly 10 mins but it worked!!

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    • not sure if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal account hacker enjoy!

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  • I would love to be a translator in Guatemala. My family is from there so it's part of me:)

    Miss C.Miss C.Pred 3 rokmi
  • see now I'm crying. 😂

    Cathy KristensenCathy KristensenPred 3 rokmi
  • I want a doctor like him, one that really cares. GOD bless him.

    Cathy KristensenCathy KristensenPred 3 rokmi
  • Thank you so much my Friend s for help my Guatemala bonita 👏👏

    Fany CoquetaFany CoquetaPred 3 rokmi
  • great docu,love it !

    watje janssenwatje janssenPred 3 rokmi
  • My Friend is from Guatemala he says life is good there , i don't but i'm pretty sure he has been lying to me since 3rd grade, No offence Guatemalan people :[

    jayden Carsonjayden CarsonPred 3 rokmi
    • jayden Carson what you think of as a good life isn't what everyone else considers a good life.

      Kristina ClarkKristina ClarkPred 2 rokmi
    • Imagine that someone made a documentary about the US and only Detroit as an example. The US would seem horrible. Same problem here. If you knew the city is a whole other world. Study and stop being so ignorant.

      Pablo CordonPablo CordonPred 2 rokmi
    • He is not retarded, just misinformed.

      Ashley PolkAshley PolkPred 2 rokmi
    • jayden Carson See those type of people is what stupid son a a devils trump is calling, drug dealers, rapist, bad hombres, wow if only he could know what God will give him,the son of a devil will get hell for all he’s life, all he’s money will not do holocaust for his stupid actions against immigrants... I thing he will be course forever...!

      J CarlosJ CarlosPred 2 rokmi
    • It depends where you are from. There is huge inequality, there is people living a very first world lifestyle, or third world country lifestyle 1 hour apart from each other.

      J GarcíaJ GarcíaPred 3 rokmi
  • Great narration. u have educated me is sad how the government is useless in helping there people

    Ricardo MaldonadoRicardo MaldonadoPred 3 rokmi
  • There are many native American Indians living in Guatemala and Central America. Many still speak their ancient language. Pobrecita la gente de Guatemala.

    MJ SanchezMJ SanchezPred 3 rokmi
    • Im was born here in 🇺🇸 in my family form 🇬🇹 in i speak my mayan language

      J.TJ.TPred 7 mesiacmi
    • Mustafa Alam and African

      Rocio CRocio CPred 9 mesiacmi
  • great people, make great change thank you for help them. God bleasing all of you.

    Dulce JuarezDulce JuarezPred 3 rokmi
  • I speak Mayan language and I'm proud my fist language in Guatemala . USA is a bless that change my life ... Doctors you are doing amazing job.

    Maury FuentesMaury FuentesPred 3 rokmi
  • Amazing my people (:

    Lorena VegaLorena VegaPred 3 rokmi
    • Monica Vega mine too

      Alex htx89Alex htx89Pred 3 rokmi
  • This is terrible. Instead of making these people,self sufficient they are being forced to extremes just to become a part of an unfair capitalistic system which will only nearly keep them alive.

    jay cervjay cervPred 3 rokmi
    • @Kathy Fewell bollocks

      Patrick GlennonPatrick GlennonPred 5 mesiacmi
    • Jay, that is not a capitalistic government, it is a corrupt socialist one.

      Kathy FewellKathy FewellPred 2 rokmi
    • jay cerv yeah its funny how this video pulls at peoples heart strings. Their emotions. This video has an agenda.

      wilecatrexywilecatrexyPred 3 rokmi
  • They had me going until they got all religious. What kind of a deal human being doesn't think this is possible without fables and religious myths? He is obviously doing this by himself. But has no confidence in this without fairy tales.

    jay cervjay cervPred 3 rokmi
  • My grandparents are there because they are born there there so poor but they try to work so hard and they are in San Martin :(

    Vani JulVani JulPred 3 rokmi
    • Send them some money

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  • Quieren ver cómo se vive en USA?? Ve en mi canal para más videos..

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  • Good man.

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  • fuck chapines

    • MARIA DE LA CRUZ MIONA jajajajajjajaja

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  • My parents are Guatemalan. I was born in the U.S.

    Robert RodriguezRobert RodriguezPred 3 rokmi
  • i live in Guatemala

    ArixArixPred 3 rokmi
    • Y que haces por tu gente?

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  • Great job

    Domingo BernalDomingo BernalPred 3 rokmi
  • Cocoholate

    Alien MantisAlien MantisPred 4 rokmi
  • if people knew where I went for my yearly vacations that will just be amazed because the country you're born in you never forget it's just natural. well for me.

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  • keep these people out of the U.S. thank you

    Ralph RiffleRalph RifflePred 4 rokmi
    • stay mad 💋 it’s people who think like you who should be kept out of the U.S.

      Fab JonFab JonPred rokom
    • Ralph Riffle they work harder than you belive me. So no offense they are making you a favor by not crossing to US.

      Andrea AguilonAndrea AguilonPred 2 rokmi
    • Stfu

      T AT APred 3 rokmi
    • Keep this ignorant out of this comment section...if you don't like don't watch. Keep your ignorance to yourself.

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    • Want some tequila mah fren? 😂

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  • Muy bonito, buen trabajo

    Nolasko GuzmanNolasko GuzmanPred 4 rokmi
  • En Guatemala hay de super pobres hasta super ricos ,come siempre el pobre en la pena y el rico en la pepena.

    ronaldo77782ronaldo77782Pred 4 rokmi
  • I pray to be a helpful person to those less fortunate or in need, one day & with the power of God I know I will be ❤️ God bless these humble People.

    Its VerosLifeIts VerosLifePred 4 rokmi
  • This made me tear up, I'm a translator for a medical mission team that volunteers in the vicinity of Patzun Guatemala, my first trip I thought going as translator I was just an extra helper. I didn't realize how important I would be to the team, the elder generation would often speak mostly kapchikel, we would have a villager translate kapchikel to Spanish, then I would translate the Spanish to English for the doctors and vice versa. It was an amazing experience

    Shawn EsShawn EsPred 4 rokmi
    • @Syed Anwer there are many charties who work in guate, yryMAYAN FAMILIES.

      Patrick GlennonPatrick GlennonPred 5 mesiacmi
    • Chanty Esqui See those type of people is what stupid son a a devils trump is calling, drug dealers, rapist, bad hombres, wow if only he could know what God will give him,the son of a devil will get hell for all he’s life, all he’s money will not do holocaust for his stupid actions against immigrants... I thing he will be course forever...!

      J CarlosJ CarlosPred 2 rokmi
    • Great job...really after watch this video I am thinking how to get the chance to get involved in Guatemala...?like that type of help ...I hope some one can ask me for my help ..

      Syed AnwerSyed AnwerPred 2 rokmi
    • Chanty Esq

      Moises rodriguezMoises rodriguezPred 3 rokmi
    • If you want to know it. It´s Kaqchikel. The most spoken mayan languague of Guatemala.

      Juan GonzalezJuan GonzalezPred 3 rokmi
  • This was a great video

    My Life As I know it! Desiree RoldanMy Life As I know it! Desiree RoldanPred 4 rokmi
  • Mexico and the Mexican People have my respect --- They are so different from Guatemalans. Mexico's first 2 Presidents were of African blood / Black ... Those are facts, Guatemala is a brutal place to live if you are a Mayan Indian, hmm ... and they comprise more than 89% of the entire population ...

    MellowvisionMellowvisionPred 4 rokmi
    • Well 89% is a bit too over miscalculated although mejico might be 89% native Indian Guatemala is more like 45% native Indian.

      HAIL HYDRAHAIL HYDRAPred 2 rokmi
    • No,what you have in your soul is hate against my country,comments like this come from an ignorant hater.

      Chapin de sangreChapin de sangrePred 4 rokmi
    • Glen Fuller Mayan Indian? so stupid commentary. first of all learn a little bit more about the Guatemalan history then come here and comment. I'm a Guatemala indigenous not a Guatemalan Indian. with all the respect you deserve you just got a huge gift,IDIOT.

      Chapin de sangreChapin de sangrePred 4 rokmi
  • thanks for sharing this with

    ManuelManuelPred 4 rokmi

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  • we were poor there😳😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • hey I was born there

    juan ramirezjuan ramirezPred 4 rokmi
  • 🇬🇹

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  • That's a true man , definition of helper and lover.

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  • Guatemala < Belize

    Onli Eena BelizeOnli Eena BelizePred 4 rokmi
    • Same thing

      Melva ValleMelva VallePred rokom
    • You do realize Belize was Guatemala ?

      Melva ValleMelva VallePred rokom
    • Belize belongs to Guatemala

      Alex ChavaqueAlex ChavaquePred 3 rokmi
    • aqueenchi117 Guatemala>Belize 🇬🇹

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  • Viva Guate!!!!!!

    Guate LoveGuate LovePred 4 rokmi