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  • 👇🏽 OUR FIRST MERCH IS OUT 👇🏽 👆🏽🥰😍👆🏽

    웃웃TwinsFromRussia웃웃TwinsFromRussiaPred 18 dňami
    • Es una mierda el vídeo XD

      Axel GameplayAxel GameplayPred 8 hodinami
    • @웃웃TwinsFromRussia rujvm

      Tureen SlevanayTureen SlevanayPred 10 hodinami
    • hola

      Walter AtencioWalter AtencioPred 23 hodinami
    • @Brandy Troutt else-paris

      Anthony AlvarezAnthony AlvarezPred dňom

      Sunny SwooshSunny SwooshPred dňom
  • Cameraman "baby I'm not even here, I'm just a ✨ H A L L U C I N A T I O N✨

    Jana BukhariJana BukhariPred 18 minútami
  • مسخره بود😂😂

    Mohammadaly8 MohammadMohammadaly8 MohammadPred 19 minútami
  • Camera man:don't mind me just think I'm not here The boyfriend of the girl: ok The girl:help (I think he is the boyfriend of the girl)

  • Vbcvccnj

    mamie henrymamie henryPred 2 hodinami
  • Ghnd Zkmfjkcncnncbnnv you can you please bring iii to my house and I have to get a

    mamie henrymamie henryPred 2 hodinami
  • What yo names

    Wayne YawWayne YawPred 3 hodinami
  • This is how much people that love this Channel 👇

    Christiana WangChristiana WangPred 4 hodinami
  • Call 911 Simple

    Rex LutherRex LutherPred 5 hodinami
  • Lets ignore the 6 cameramans that have the power of invisibility

    3ND3RM4N _7773ND3RM4N _777Pred 5 hodinami
  • Totally Reported! 🌸

    awhh_peachyawhh_peachyPred 6 hodinami
  • 😍😘😘😘😘

    Khunaini MblKhunaini MblPred 6 hodinami
  • song name please

    solk Hinasolk HinaPred 6 hodinami
  • 📢📢📢📢📢

    Viviane TomaziViviane TomaziPred 7 hodinami
  • Los hermanos lelos, lo hicieron de nuevo.

    Coronando CarlosCoronando CarlosPred 7 hodinami
  • Primer comentario en español

    RafaelGamer 2010RafaelGamer 2010Pred 7 hodinami
  • This was beyond dumb

    Crypto KnightCrypto KnightPred 8 hodinami
  • Sei Sei Sei Sei Sei Dada.

    Arpon Sarkar PonArpon Sarkar PonPred 8 hodinami
  • What’s the song name ?

    Josh On RoadJosh On RoadPred 9 hodinami
  • Me:dosent understand:

    R BR BPred 10 hodinami
    • 🤷‍♂️

      R BR BPred 10 hodinami
  • Hneen2400 and

    زعتكس-z3tksزعتكس-z3tksPred 10 hodinami
  • These guys trims💀💀💀💀🤡🤡🤡

    SportsHeadSportsHeadPred 13 hodinami
  • That cameraman is like: *"Baby, I'm not even here. I'm just an illusion."*

    Hi helloHi helloPred 13 hodinami
  • Wtf

    Winston 73Winston 73Pred 13 hodinami
  • They are the type of people to put a ruler in their beds to see how long they’ve slept

    I Like This NameI Like This NamePred 13 hodinami
  • We have already troubles with ads on youtube please dont put more shit into this app 🙏🙏🙏

    Michał WangMichał WangPred 13 hodinami
  • J+o

    korng mengkorng mengPred 14 hodinami
  • Plot twist: the boyfriend is actually the good guy

    Steve-Killer_Q8 69Steve-Killer_Q8 69Pred 15 hodinami
  • Oshadharon 💝

    Dipok DasDipok DasPred 15 hodinami
  • Criiiiinge

    Lūchan 97Lūchan 97Pred 16 hodinami
  • Oh nggak tau

    Nissa PutriNissa PutriPred 17 hodinami
  • So she would prefer 2 in 1 instead 1 on 1

    Ritchael Ch.Ritchael Ch.Pred 17 hodinami
  • auuu magaria

    Irma salukvadzeIrma salukvadzePred 19 hodinami
  • Please restart the world

    Junior MendesJunior MendesPred 19 hodinami
  • Bbcvgvzbsjsjfshxjdddjdjs x jxznd sjsbebjx Rafika Ayu Putri a Panggil antar tidur Candi Lontar tidur yang jatuh satu kelas aku kelas 8 kerutan di Lontar Oke aku ulang tahun karena aku tadi kado yang baju baru Uxxvxnd

    Nasikin NasikinNasikin NasikinPred 20 hodinami
  • Aha there should show how much dislikes they get aha probably 5mil

    PsYcHo k1ll3rPsYcHo k1ll3rPred 20 hodinami
  • Worst video on the internet right now..

    Jarkko SaijemJarkko SaijemPred 20 hodinami
  • Wow

    Eliot LopezEliot LopezPred 23 hodinami
  • Gay

    Nick RangelNick RangelPred dňom

    That one person who drawsThat one person who drawsPred dňom
  • These 2 are what I call Chernobyl affect the radiation made em super cringe

    Youngman goonYoungman goonPred dňom
  • So fucking bad

    Into The VoidInto The VoidPred dňom
  • Help me plz Input this code on your tiktok lite Kode : A1223582959

    entut gorengentut gorengPred dňom
  • 😇😇😇😇😇🥰

    Armando WachiArmando WachiPred dňom
  • Tik tok vaanakali💩💩💩💩

    Anandhan VinodAnandhan VinodPred dňom
  • Cáncer de tiktok

    esteban vaquerizoesteban vaquerizoPred dňom
  • Sono come i sosia di Marco togni

    emanuele solinassemanuele solinassPred dňom
  • I wanna see TwinsFromRussia vs The VoroTwins in a boxing match 🥊

    IN FernoIN FernoPred dňom
  • 👌👌

    Snfu DkxiSnfu DkxiPred dňom
  • Camera man: I have mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that I become invisible to the eye

    sweet revengesweet revengePred dňom
  • When someone pretends to be your friend just play along with it cuz that's how you know they're in trouble and so you're trying to kidnap them and also if they make eye contact many say help me or like say hi or they ask you some somewhere can you come with me cuz I want like be a friend so that's how you know if somebody's going to get kidnapped or being in trouble

    Ashley TorrecillaAshley TorrecillaPred dňom
  • What kind of sign language was that

    joshdovejoshdovePred dňom
    • I don't know, it's probably what cave men used to comunicate

      cyber bencyber benPred 18 hodinami
  • Doing good to people is a beautiful thing

    Easily master all languagesEasily master all languagesPred dňom
  • 😊😊😊😊😇😇😇

    Genevieve GalarianaGenevieve GalarianaPred dňom
  • from India😙

    suruchi Chaudharysuruchi ChaudharyPred dňom
  • Cameraman: I have mastered the Ability of Invisibility, I stand so still that people even forget that I'm here.

    BoredBoredPred dňom
  • 다빈키?

    닉뭐로 하냐닉뭐로 하냐Pred dňom
  • What is the name of music?? Please if any body knows ... Reply...

    sajid soomrosajid soomroPred dňom
  • Just a skit people

    Heidi NewberryHeidi NewberryPred dňom
  • AHAHHA look at their heads what the actual fuck🤣

    TaraTaraPred dňom
  • 💖

    Akira Faith TVAkira Faith TVPred dňom
  • Warning all citizens: Two aliens escaped their enclosure This is not a test.

    That one stupid guy In your classThat one stupid guy In your classPred dňom
  • 🥺

    بنت بغدادبنت بغدادPred dňom
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Анастасия СоколоваАнастасия СоколоваPred dňom
  • Fuck this act 0/10

    Sandesh BudhathokiSandesh BudhathokiPred dňom
  • 이 노래 어디서 들어본것같은데 영화에서나왔던건가.. 아시는분 제발ㅜ

    점진성점진성Pred dňom
  • 🤢 idiot video

    Murat MutluMurat MutluPred dňom
  • Camera man: Im invisible

    Jaypee Adrian CagomocJaypee Adrian CagomocPred dňom
  • If a 3rd grader directed a movie

    Automated CommentAutomated CommentPred dňom
  • this has 2.8M subscribers? 🚶🏻‍♀

    Siti Sarah SofeaSiti Sarah SofeaPred dňom
  • This has to be the worst shit I've ever seen

    каллакаллаPred dňom
  • 😅😅🤣🤣😂😂🙄🙄🤔🤔

    Daniel MillerDaniel MillerPred dňom
  • ... They must be especial Ed kids.

    WalkyGalletaWalkyGalletaPred dňom
  • This proves that women cheat more than men

    Danial HakimDanial HakimPred dňom
  • ตอนสุดท้ายแม่งแอบเป็นโคนันเลย

    กุลธัช ชังชั่วกุลธัช ชังชั่วPred dňom
  • these guys literally look like q-tips

    Log CabinLog CabinPred dňom
  • Virus is spreading

    Hunny MishraHunny MishraPred dňom
  • I'm fucking done with TikTok

    BalamoBilaBalamoBilaPred dňom
  • Its the hangul characters at he bottom for me🤣🤣🤣

    Rrrraapp MonsterRrrraapp MonsterPred dňom
  • 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🤨👛👛

    rafael souzarafael souzaPred dňom
  • parece que foi corno😔

    Jλrέ ΜληdrλκεJλrέ ΜληdrλκεPred dňom
  • اللي فهم يفهمنا 🙂🤝

    rovantt Rovanttrovantt RovanttPred 2 dňami
  • Lifeless brothers

    Fidato 69Fidato 69Pred 2 dňami
  • Bom descanso

    Cirley GomesCirley GomesPred 2 dňami
  • Tutututututututututututututtututuututututututurututupurraaaaaa

    Martín AstudilloMartín AstudilloPred 2 dňami
  • What the fuck !

    Bloody noob -YTBloody noob -YTPred 2 dňami
  • Never knew phineas and ferb Were Russian 😂

    Kanda BalamKanda BalamPred 2 dňami
  • Ya'll need a new barber

    Panda TrollPanda TrollPred 2 dňami
  • Only in your dreams would you do that they should, watch less tv🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Trowa BartonTrowa BartonPred 2 dňami
  • Looks Like a goddamn birds nest on their head...

    NerdinatorNerdinatorPred 2 dňami
  • 😃😃😃😃♥♥♥♥♥

    Azيونس صفيةBAzيونس صفيةBPred 2 dňami
  • 🤔🤮

    Mehran ZaridustMehran ZaridustPred 2 dňami
  • Did that guy just knock the toilet door then open it? WHAT IF THERES LITERRALY HAVE STRANGER IN THERE Lol

    Sasha Abdul RahmanSasha Abdul RahmanPred 2 dňami
  • Kotio

    Sanoop SsSanoop SsPred 2 dňami
  • Who knows what song this is

    Eduardo CisnerosEduardo CisnerosPred 2 dňami
  • Cringe brothers

    Максим ApasnijМаксим ApasnijPred 2 dňami
  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Florina Amalia GaraliuFlorina Amalia GaraliuPred 2 dňami
  • Yes you helped her

    Walter PiersonWalter PiersonPred 2 dňami
  • Bruh what are these haircuts man

    Semjasah GamingSemjasah GamingPred 2 dňami
  • What is this shit

    yogender kumaryogender kumarPred 2 dňami